Home Discussion Forum Why do many people happen to see demons during Sleep Paralysis?

Why do many people happen to see demons during Sleep Paralysis?

I’ve experienced it myself. And there are many myths of demons haunting people in their sleep. But why is that people always see horrifying things during this event?


  1. The experience itself is frightening, because you don’t have control of your body. It is common in this half-dreaming state to imagine or dream that something is holding you, preventing you from moving, and people who are religious attribute this to demons or spirits.

  2. I don’t know as if I could say I saw demons during sleep paralysis but now that you mention it I often have nightmares of animals attacking me during sleep paralysis and the form of those animals isn’t always specific, so I suppose it would not be a stretch to call them demons. I find that I experience S.P. more often at times in my life when I feel I cannot control a situation in my waking life, like when a family member was very ill and life and death decisions were being made. I couldn’t do anything to “fix” the situation for my loved one and felt so useless. At those times like that, when I feel very impotent and unable to control anything I have always felt that my S.P. episodes were reflecting the “paralysis” I felt in my waking life. I have experienced these episodes for about 40 years, on and off and they still seem real every time it happens. Do you remember the first episode you ever had? I was four and did not understand what was happening at all and it was very traumatic.

  3. That is a true story, I am christian but psychologist (trained) so believe me. Okay, if you don’t believe in God but work for Satan. Believe in wanting seeing Ghost, Alien , or etc. Then God will be like “Okay go ahead let him see it” God had no control of what you want see if you don’t believe or worship Him. That is why a lot people see a lot of bad things
    But the other reason is because they are still believing things that ain’t true and seeing scary movie, they will see stuffs that ain’t really there. It is called halluciation or “copy-cat from what it was shown” For instead, you thought about alien…you say to yourself “Hmmm, I am sure it is an existence and live on Mars, I want go there” You will see something that jumpy you every sec. It is not actually them , but you think so. It might be just shadow or something else act like them. You are just experience something where you think it is actually real. But it may wear out as you grow up. It is like a invisible friend, but in scary way.
    Most of time, the Satan worshippers is easily to be scared and easily to see all horrible thing like that. Satan is not “love” , you know that.


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