Why do I seem to be way ahead of everyone around me in ways of maturity of the soul?

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by Jeffery Heppler:

I am looking for someone with a great deal of insight to help me. I am 18, a scorpio, and have been sort of ”ahead” of the crowd all my life. My grandmother is deeply in touch with her spiritual side and says my aura has always shone brightly. I know things most people don’t know. I live in ways most people don’t understand. I think I am only being me and everyone else, the eccentrics. I know it is a very obscure question, but it’s a very difficult thing to explain.
I will share with you some of my philosophies so as to give you a better idea of me. I’m an indifferentialist, meaning that all religions are equally valid in my eyes. They are just different paths to the same Source. The Source is simply existance. There really are no good and evil things or people, only actions; because of the reality of parallel universes. All possibilities are played out in an infinite number of them, therefore, everything has the potential for extreme good or evil.
I do believe we are approaching the Age of Aquarius, not the end of the world, but an awakening in the human consciousness. In the past weeks I have done much research on what I believe the Age of Aquarius really represents; the uniting of all science and religion. I believe that I can do this through a compound called DMT. A compound that is two steps away from triptophan, an amino acid that all living things contain. All living things also contain two enzymes that are required for the synthesis of triptophan to DMT. Studies have been done in the 1990’s with DMT by Dr. Rick Strassman, and he beleives it to be a molecule that the pineal gland in the center of the brain produces when we have divine, or near death experiences.
It’s understandable if you are confused or bored at this point. Maybe, you have no idea what I’m even asking. Honestly, I’m merely reaching out to others that share my enthusiam in this wonderful goal. I’m willing to take advice or comments. Diagnosis, for any doctors out there, would save me some money. haha
I’m not acting like I know everything about this stuff, I’m really ignorant in fact. I am only beginning to delve into these things. Answer me this also: Why is it such a hard goal to realize, the unity of science and religion? I’m not saying that people should go to church in a lab coat doing experiments on people while they pray. Only that people truly know that a God exists and that everyone strives for it. Maybe, I’m just a kid with dreams too big for my own good. I’m going to try none the less.

Answer by Mia

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the fool who thinks that he is wise is called a fool indeed.


Have you ever considered that you may be the last one on the lap and those behind you are actually almost a full lap in front of you?

Rebecca Liberty

masterbating Why don’t you learn how to spell masturbating if you are going to answer questions about it?
and he beleives it ——- believes —- existance.- existence
As for your treatise, all it seems to prove is that you have read about a number of approaches and points of view, and taken a piece there and a piece here and put them together to form your own theories. Anyone can tell you you have an aura. Your grandmother probably sees them around many people. Why do you need different paths to existence? Does it matter a damn whether there are parallel universes? How can you unite religion and science, when each religion never changes or so they claim, and science is always on the change as they make new discoveries? How do you unite that which objects to change with that which invites change (religion and science).
Unless there is some validity in the religions, why do you want to unite them anyway? Why not just do away with them? The rest of your treatise sounds like you are trying to play the expert on a number of subjects, none of which you know except from the little you have read of them. Perhaps a book on each one.
Anyway, I think you are relatively young, and you are starting to be a thinker. Nothing wrong with that, I guess, except that 95% of the population won’t understand what you are talking about. Some will believe you, but they still won’t know what you are talking about.
Carry on. Now that you have gone as far as you have, it is probably impossible to turn back. Maybe it will make you happy, maybe it won’t. Maybe you will start a new religion, or write a new twist on self-help. Good luck, anyway.


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