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Why do I see these colored lights surrounding people?

When I look at someone I see a colored light surrounding them, or sometimes it’s a gaseous colorless thing like heat waves. I just wanted to know WHY I see these auras, and what they could possibly mean. I can’t see them quite as well when I’m wearing my contacts or glasses, but I can still see them. They aren’t very large unless the person in question is particularly excited about something, but typically radiate 1-3 inches from their body.
I’ve been seeing these things for as long as I can remember, but my most vivid memory is from 4th grade. My teacher was up in front of the class teaching us our English lesson, and all of a sudden it was a purple light wisping out from around her. It kind of scared me and I didn’t know what it was. From then on I decided to ignore it, but they’ve become more noticeable as I’ve gotten older.
And Im definately not on drugs. Never touched ’em in my life and never will.
About energies–I can also deduct what someone feels. I get a sort of hunch, if you will, about how a person is feeling…I don’t know why, but I do. I can tell when someone is annoyed or unhappy…or even happy or angry…I’m sensitive to changes like that and I can’t even explain it. And I’m looking for an explanation for that because it confuses me so much. Not to mention I get so muddled up when dealing with everyone else, dealing with this sensitivity, there’s a sort of static that clings to me and I’m in a funk for days. It makes me think I’m bi-polar because I feel so much at once, but I know I’m not because I’ve seen therapists before. I sometimes pick up feelings and hunches that make me sick or even scared. (not schizo either)…I just can’t explain it.


  1. You have been given a gift. You are to find the way to use it to help people. Pray for guidance and seek out information so that you can learn to use your gift in a good way.
    You are seeing the aura around people and the colors are keys to what is going on with them. You can see this for a reason and if you search you will come to learn it.
    BTW You don’t do drugs, good. They will either block your gift or distort it so that it does not work in a good way. Just say NO.

  2. I truly believe that maybe you can see people chi energies and auras.If you truly are seeing this and even a little bit with your glasses then you have a very special gift.
    I know what you mean though.I necessarily don’t see the energy but,I can feel it where ever I go if I concentrate enough.It’s just like you feel a shift in the room.
    Anyways maybe you should research up on this or speak to someone who might be knowledgeable on the subject.

  3. If you are telling the truth, then you are well blessed with a unique power which most of the humans don’t have. It’s a sixth sense for a human. The color of the aura tells you different things…the nature of the person, the sickness etc.

  4. You’re seeing auras. My friend see them all the time. She said mine is a deep indigo blue color with orange and red outlines. My aura never switches colors…as far as I’m concerned.

  5. Aura’s
    your probably capable of seeing peoples Aura’s that what it sounds like to me
    the websites in the source’s section will give you some Information


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