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Why do I see auras around flowers and people?

About five years ago I noticed that I could see the auras of my family, friends, and flowers. I have had both my eye doctor and primary care physicians examine me. They couldn’t find any causes. I need to know what this means.


  1. People with “psychic abilities” claim to see auras around people. The aura indicates their mood, well-being, health, etc.
    Look up the color meanings and see if what you’re seeing is correct. Maybe you’re intuitive.

  2. Everyone is capable of seeing aruas, though we do not practice it, and the brain learns to ignore auras. Auras are nothing more than a natrual magnetic field that surrounds everything. Even the earth has an aura. The aurora boralis I think its called. There are books that will teach you how to refine this skill with specific exercises. I have even heard of a doctor local to my area that will read your aura and send a report to your physician on some items to check out upon your next visit.
    Children can see auras because they have not yet learned to ignore them. This is the reason they draw circles around things often when they first learn to draw.
    Seeing auras is a natural gift. It has nothing to do with psychic abilities.

  3. Read Donna Eden’s energy medicine.She is a energy therapist and claims to see auras around people. The different colors have different meanings.Check websites related to this

  4. The exact same thing happened to me, five years ago. I’ve since learned to accept my ability to see auras as a gift that I can use to give back to people on an intuitive level. I have a website, it is http://www.aura-answers.com
    Jump on my site and have a look – I think you will really benefit from the info there.


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