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why do i see a green or yellow aura around everyone i try to concentrate on?

During school when the teacher would be infront of the whiteboard i would concentrate on there third eye and then i would see a green aura or a yellow aura around them? and then when im sitting at the back, the front of the room is usually white so i have a bunch of people in my class sitting at the front, yeah they all have a green or yellow aura but some of them dont but i would say the majority of the class does why is this? what does green and yellow mean?
thanks for the help
and by the way i have perfect eye sight thanks anyone else with a rude comment will be reported
spoing – its i dunno sometimes strong and sometimes feint
and why is everybody telling me to see a doctor? spoing why should i please explain?


  1. This is because of science. When people stand in front of a white backgroud – you see what appears to be an aura. It is just the way the light is reflected.
    You are not “psychic” or anything else. And this is by no means special to you.
    Look up the term “delusional ideation”.

  2. I get that when i REALLY concentrate. It depends on how mild it is.
    is the green/yellow thing obviously strong, or pretty transparent?
    If it’s transparant-ish and not really noticable, your concentrating too hard. It’s like screen-burn on a TV when you leave it paused on something for a long time.
    If it’s pretty strong and way too obvious, you might want to see a doctor about it
    EDIT: I’m only saying to see a doctor because s/he may come up with a better answer than us, because s/he probably knows more about this than I do.
    Personally, I only get the transparant-ish one, so mine has only been diagnosed as the screen-burn kind of thing. Still, yours might still be this sort of thing too, it just depends on how you describe your “transparant” to mine.
    EDIT: Since you’ve mentioned that you’ve got perfect eyesight, its probably what I… and everyone else has.
    I reccommend that you try not to concentrate too hard on something / someone if it bothers you, or move your eyes a little every now and then.

  3. If it’s only against a white background you could be seeing an afterimage as the person shifts around or as you move your eyes (nobody ever stays perfectly still). An afterimage is an image continuing to appear in one’s vision after the exposure to the original image has ceased. Focus on any object for about thirty seconds, then shift your eyes to a white background and you’ll see what I mean. This is completely normal.

  4. Some experts in Kerlian photography have said that they have developed the tech of seeing human aura with auaided eyes.. You may be a freak like them..
    When some people experienced telepathy in the early years when the phenomenon was not known much, they were considered as psychic cases.. So dont worry, but you should consult some people expertised in the aura reading.. Why dont you browse for the institutions with the speciality..
    you may not find such rare people in this site and only cranky responses would be found.


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