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Why do I have these drems of reincarnation were Im seeing all my other lifes & how I dyed?

In my dreams, When I die I see what the end of my life will be like & im so scared of it. It is so real then I see all my other lifes where I see who I was & I seem to die young, its like reincarnation . So When I wake up Im still shaking. Am I seeing my death or am I so scared of dying I’m starting to dream of it.


  1. Typical post reincarnation stress. Shouldn’t cause to much trouble, don’t worry about it. IF you do worry about it it can be trouble since you will be stuck with it until you free yourself from the cycle of death and rebirth.

  2. You appear to be uninformed about the realities of life and death. Your spelling needs to be corrected.
    Dreams are just that, with nothing to do with the future or anything.

  3. The content of your dreams reflect that you read about reincarnation, and that you spend half of your day thinking about what you read, You say that you lived different liefs, this is untrue, you did not, but in your dreams, you said that they look real and you are afraid of death.Try to read different stuff and forget every thing about your dreams.Dreams are the reflection if your thoughts, in your waking Life. Be smart and read other subjects that deal with romance or adventure stories, it is better for you , your life will change for the better,


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