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why do I have bad luck with guys?

SO this guy that asked me out well begged to go out with me.. i finnally said yes, we were suppose to go on a date the next day but i didnt call him at all about it…(i realised i liked another guy ALOT and i dont want to be with him) he asked me the next day why i didnt call blah blah and i said because i forgot.. well after that we didnt talk at all and he was dating this other girl in my school who is younger then me..a few days later.. there was no offical brakeup though.. he just was with another girl and didnt say anything to me.. i avoided him alot..i found out cause i saw him making out with her.. i was going to say something but i wasnt really into him lol.. i did get mad though and told his friend…. his “friends” did not like me at all.. he is 24 i was 16 at the time and she was 14 (the girl he was with when we were suppose to be dating). I ran into him about a few months later (after the brakeup.. ) recently and he was with her.. i said hi to him, he said hi back.. he told me to come and talk with him as if i want to have a conversation with him when he is with HER?? and i left.. after i left i saw him again and he said loudly “i dont even remember her name”?? and its funny cause he BEGGED me to date him, who does that?? anyways with all that happening i truly liked this other guy lets call him Jeff and I knew he liked me and I liked him but i liked him so much that i was to shy to do anything and i avoided him everytime he wanted to talk. Now there was this other guy who my friend tried to hook me up with.. i didnt like him at all.. and i can tell he felt the same lol.. well i just played along and pretended I liked him.. well he was not attracted to me at all.. lmfao but asked for my number.. i gave it to him to “see” if he would call.. he didnt and threw out the number.. i saw him. anyways I dont blame he I hardly knew him and I didnt like him either.. i was to shy to tell him that i didnt like him.. everytime i did he kept on going on about how he will see how things go.. blah whatever that didnt work.. talk about karma lol.. Then there was this 2 guys who flirt with everyone his friend hated my guts and said every name in the book about me.. i made it clear to him from day one i didnt like him.. well i guess he felt the same.. so now his friend (the one who was flirting with me) hate me as well.. i was not attracted to him but everyone thought we were going out cause we were very flirty and stuff with eachother.. this other guy in my class randomly started following me and my BFF at the time. he wouldnt stop.. and got jellous cause me and the guy in my class were flirting he kept asking if i was dating him lol.. so i still talk to him but hes annoying as hell now.. My parents told the principal that i have to be home schoold.. so now this year I am and im getting boy deprived!! THey are so stricked and im fricken 18 now (just turned it).. I see cute guys all the time and they flirt with me but its a taste of what i cant have.. im stuck at home doing school work.. while my friends are telling me the latest with there new boyfriends.. i feel like im having such terrible luck with guys because they either turn out to be complete flirts, jurks or not my type and vise versa.. the ones who I do like etc.. i never have a chance with really cause its a random one occasion that we meet and i dont see them again.
And i dont want to end up dating a loser which is all i get in the end who wont leave me alone and become obsessed with me!!
I know its long but thankyou everyone who took the time to read ALL of it.. to those that didnt.. karma is a biatch.


  1. First of all, a 24 year old dating a 14 year old is wrong – the age of consent is there for a reason.
    You’re young, I shouldn’t worry too much – boys your own age probably aren’t entirely sure what they want out of a relationship. Things happen naturally in time, and concentrating too hard on trying to make things work, or worrying too much about being single is useless .

  2. It does feel like that sometimes, eh? I get the same – I feel responsible for all my break-ups. Don’t worry, this is a natural reaction – look for the bad in everything. This sounds really cliched but, when you find the person you really love, you’ll know it and they’ll know it. You just have to be patient – you’re only 18.

  3. wow, that was long…ummmm not really sure what the question is here but i think you’ll find a good guy eventually, maybe at college. just be patient and wait it out

  4. Sounds like you could use a little direction from the Lord. Try reading the Bible at least a few minutes a day find a church you are comfortable with. Attend regularly, get to know people there, and get involved. The kind of guys you want to talk to are the ones who have good values, have some direction in their lives, and are respectful to you. These are the kind that won’t hate you for practically non-existent reasons.
    Also, if you like to talk, you may want to find someone who is a great listener And talker.
    God bless!

  5. your welcome and im sorry just stop dating for a while and take a break n treat urself to a spa day or sumfin make ur self feel good and then 2-3months later get back out there with ur new and improved standards and new and improved self =)
    good luck this will bring ur confidence to a new level and i meen it will be a high confidence
    so hope it works out =)

  6. um first of all i dont kno why your 16 and dating a 24 year old that’s kinda against the law lol. nd then he dated a 14 year old he needs to go to jail. neway u should just make yourself more social and people generally don’t like guys who diss girls so those guys will get there karma

  7. just a hint … it’s not necessary to recap the entire history of your interactions with boys. this makes it more difficult for the reader to figure out what you are actually asking. try rephrasing your question like this:
    “i feel like i’m having such terrible luck with guys because they either turn out to be complete flirts, jerks, or not my type. why am i having such bad luck?”
    i did read the whole thing, but most of it only adds confusion. if it doesn’t add anything, feel free to trim it out!
    now to answer your question:
    to be honest, your luck doesn’t sound that bad. there are plenty of girls who either never attract the interest of any guy at all, or always end up in abusive relationships. it does not sound like either of these is happening to you, so be thankful for what you have and remember you are still young. very few young women have met the “right guy” by your age, so there’s no need to feel discouraged just because you haven’t found him yet. you may have fewer opportunities because you are being home schooled, but soon you will either be in college or out on your own (or both), and this will open up your own opportunities some.
    i hope this helps; good luck!
    PS — a bit of advice — don’t date a guy who is way older than you. this 24 year old who was dating a 14 year old girl? it’s an obvious sign he needs to grow up, and you’d be better off not going anywhere near him.

  8. why don’t you start making plans to go out with your friends to places like the mall. ask them to bring their boyfriends, and their boyfriends’ single friends. this will give you oppurtunities to flirt with guys. try not to ALWAYS go to the mall though. mix it up. go out to resturaunts or something. talk and flirt with the single guys. buddy up to them. i guarentee you’ll find a boyfriend. if you want to try it a different way, move away from your parents so they have no control over you. you’re old enough, you’re 18.

  9. Wow what a story, did not read it all.
    24 year old men do not date14 year old girls. He is a pedophile, run away from him. Just find a guy who does not go to your school and be with him

  10. I just had to say that the reason you cannot find a nice guy is because you are 16 and in high school every guy you meet is just gonna want to sleep with you for like the next ten years. My advice is to have fun with your girl friends, do your studies and be smart, excel at a cool hobby and dabble a bit in the boy thing. Never get to serious, be a tease and dont give in, go to college, get a degree and enjoy a few years of life without children before you find a great educated guy to settle down with. Then enjoy life!!


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