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Why do I get chills after giving Reiki treatment? Does this happen to anyone else?

After giving Reiki treatments I experience chills. Not normal chills from being cold, its cold from the inside out! It takes me a couple of hours to shake it off. What does this mean? I always ground myself and run my hands under water after giving treatments to get the energies off of me.

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  1. I wouldn’t worry, everyone experiences different things like heat, cold, tingly feeling, a magnetic type of feeling or nothing at all. Just give yourself daily Reiki whether you are giving a treatment or not.

  2. You may want to surround & protect yourself with the white light of Reiki before you begin a treatment. Also, don’t forget to prepare the room by placing a power symbol on all four walls, floor and ceiling and one large power symbol on yourself before you begin. Also, look at what’s happening during the Reiki session. I know that if I’m working a certain ‘being of light’ during a session I tend to get chills momentarily. Try meditating on your experience and ask for guidance, then follow you intuition. Remember, Reiki should benefit both you and the client, therfore you shouldn’t have any unpleasant feelings during or after a session. In Light.

  3. Hi,
    may you prove, if you really connected with the reiki canel.
    If not so, you are giving energy from yourself.
    That is one of the possiblities, of your cold.
    put booth arms above the crown-chakra.
    Put your hand together.
    And please for open the canel and flowing of reiki.
    If you feel the energy, you can make your session.

  4. you are possibly using your own inner core energy, lowering your own level of core heating ,
    try learning breathing exercise – sucking in the outer selected energy to then pass through into your patient


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