Sunday, September 26, 2021

Why do I get a very weird aura when a migraine starts?

I get migraine attacks and I’m 18…
When I know I’m going to get a migraine, my feet and other parts of my body get tingly…,my heart speeds up randomly. I smell a weird smell. I get a little light headed and everything just feels weird. Like an out of body experience.
Why does that happen?


  1. it kind of sounds like you panic when you get them. if it bothers you go see a doctor…i’m sure your fine though…but go to make sure…feel better.

  2. It’s pretty common for migraine sufferers to experience an “aura” before the headache sets in.
    The aura is the result of fluctuating activity (increased and then decreased) in the nerve cells in your brain. Why this happens to some migraine sufferers isn’t really understood, though.
    By paying attention to when the aura symptoms appear you may be able to better identify external factors that trigger your migraines. I hope you’ve seen a doctor about your migraines, but the aura itself isn’t really worth worrying about.

  3. All your symptoms, including migraines with accompanying aura, are of supernatural origin, which explains why you describe it “like an out of body experience.” The tingling sensations experienced are nothing more than the feelings of a spirit in physical contact with you.
    The first know description of migraines can be found in the Ebers Papyrus which dates back over 3,500 years. It correctly indicates that the migraine is caused by a spirit. Today, due to advances in science, we believe that what the papyrus tells us is just a “superstition.” The Ebers Papyrus however is correct.
    What the Ebers Papyrus fails to indicate is that those who experience migraines are the saints spoken of throughout history. The reason for the pain of a migraine is disciplinary in nature. Migraine pain is to keep the sufferer from sinful behavior. It is the result of the spirit protecting you.


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