Why do I feel such a strong connection to the ocean?

Anytime I hear a song about the ocean, or see anything nautical, I immediately feel like that is where I belong. Like I feel like I should should devolve and become a beast of the deep. Do you think this is past life regression, or what?
lol Lovecraft reference

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I feel like the ocean is calling out to me every day,and I feel like I am the only one that has this happening.It seems to call my name.

Baby Blue

I live in the mountains and Every time I go to the ocean I feel a connection it’s like it’s pulling me in and I want it to pull me in too, the ocean feels like my home and maybe it’s God telling me that’s where I should start my life you know but when it’s time to go back home I can’t it’s the most heartache I have ever felt, it even makes me want to cry when we are a state way so i just try not to think about it it’s so weird….


i to have a very strong pull to the see.
sea water and blood is not all that different – the sea even has an embryonic smell to me that makes me feel like it is the womb of the world.
it is beautiful – peaceful – you can float in it – swim in it – become one with it.


I feel such a strong connection, i don’t know what it is but i feel like i belong in the water, is that normal? also i feel like i can control the water….

Rylee Rose

I fell the same way and does this make us normal?

Atheana Nori

I feel the same thing but its more like the ocean is calling me like an instinct and the ONLY time I feel like I belong is when im in or near the ocean I don’t know why.


I don’t know. Sometimes, if I stare at any form of water (ex: rain, pool, mist) I feel like it takes my suggestion and moves another direction if I want it too. What do I do, i don’t get it!

Ocean lover

The sight the smell, everything about the ocean I love. The cool calm waves , or the huge dark seas pleasures me greatly. When I’m underwater all the worry’s get washed away and all I feel is the cool calm sea. Every one I know does not love the ocean like me. And all of my family thinks I like barbies and American girl like my sister. No, no I don’t. I like the waves, and I try my everything to go in it. Sometimes I even get my clothes drenched. When I’m in the sea, I always feel like I belong here, right here. I feel like I belong to the sea.


I think your astral self is a mermaid. lmfao.


There’s a possibility you could be mermaid- kin. Actually, I’m mermaid- kin, and I just shifted my tail! If you want more beautiful info, go to thesirenscove.com. please, I have never been wrong about knowing who is mermaid- kin, and who isnt, and science has nothing to do with our connection to the water, it is longing to be a part of it, and love, that makes us mermaids. Nothing scientific there.

Atheana Nori

The ONLY person in my family who feels like the ocean`s calling them is ME so does this make me a mermaid?


I’m black in complication but when I enter water my skin will be yellon in complexion


I feel the same way! I don’t believe in a past life though and I just don’t understand why I feel so connected with the ocean. My whole life has been like this. It feels like I belong there..


Mother Hydra is calling you….(All life did originate from the Ocean, correct? Your name is a Lovecraft reference as well.)


I don’t believe in past life. As a Christian I believe we live once and that’s it. I love the water too and that is why I bought a home near a lake. God gave us this world to enjoy. So enjoy one of the pleasures God gave you as the lovely fine person you are.


Beautifully said!

fishy man

i don’t really think maybe that is a pull to “devolve” but perhaps just something there calling – it calls to me as well -you may have had ties with it in past


I don’t think it’s because of past life regression. I think it is because the ocean is awe inspiring and terrible and fascinating.


It’s possible you have had pleasurable experiences at or having to do with the Ocean in this life and very many other lifetimes. I have the same feeling about Ocean Beaches. We each might not remember all of these experiences, but that does not mean certain past memories cannot effect us today…

Kristin B

You are very closely related chemically…you are made of about 70% water.

Atheana Nori

Kristin B um im not sure its just that it feel like I belong and it feels like the ocean calling me and trying to pull me closer.


I too feel the same exact way. I know many that are afraid of the ocean and wont even go in it. I on the other hand like you feel like its home and it calls to me, i feel its where I belong. I do believe its a past life connection. I am hoping one day to be able to live closer to the sea.

Ocean Girl

So do I, I swam with dolphins and sharks, all the people were afraid but I calmed down and when we got out the man said wow I haven’t seen someone calm down before when swimming with sharks, I feel like the sea is calling me and I’m getting drawn in


I don’t know, but I have a theory that “pruning” or the wrinkling of skin when in water to long is not pruning but evolving, like if you stayed completly emerged into water for a LONG, LONG time your skin would change.

Atheana Nori

I don’t know why but when I have been in the heat too long I start to feel dizzy, I can barely walk, my neck itches and the only thing I can think about is water and the ocean.
Also is it normal for your blood to smell like shrimp / prawns?


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