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Why do I feel so lost?

I feel incredibly stuck in my life:
My relationship is crumbling.
I’m not excited about my career.
I have lost interest in some of my hobbies.
I feel my past has caught up to me and I’m unwilling to face the reality of who/what I am.
I don’t know what my spiritual beliefs are.
I feel like I’m in an identity crisis.
What do you make of this and how would you suggest I change things?


  1. Sounds like you are depressed. See a doctor and get some help–counseling or medical. Also attend church. God is our help also.

  2. This is the worlds way of telling you that you have taking the wrong turn and somehow you need to detour back to the high road. It also means you need to change somehow….career, personality you need to be able to be you and be comfortable in your own skin. Im sure you can figure out which way to go….listen to your gut instincts what your body, dreams, signs are all pointing you to a crucial event you just need to be more award of what your missing. Stop fighting and saying no to what ever seems to be coming up a lot. And remember you are not lost….you just haven’t found the right path yet…..but eventually you will.


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