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why do i feel peoples energy? and how do i protect myself from the negative kind?

lately when im around people in school and they are stressed or really tired and cranky when they talk i get a sinking feeling in my stomache and i can feel that negative energy so much that it starts to get annoying. Once i leave school im fine and content and happy and so are the people i hang around. I just guess im extremely sensative to peoples energies good and bad
but does anyone know any ways that i can stop that sinking feeling i get when i feel peoples energy so that it dosnt affect me and bum me out too?


  1. use this spell i got from an ancient sorcery book.
    wingardium leviosa
    It will protect you from the negative energy. but you must say this spell out loud 3 times.

  2. you could be a pyschic vampire (look it up)
    or look up empathy.
    these are both forms of Psychic/spiritual powers.
    youre luckey.

  3. It def sounds like you have an special ability. The best advice I know to give is something I heard on Psychic Kids… It’s that once you feel the negative energy you have to mentally detach yourself from it and let it flow through you, but immediately expel it. Make sense? It’s like conscientiously not letting it stick with you.


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