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Why do I feel like my husband brings me negative energy?

When I am around him negative things happen for example his mom make slicks comments and he doesn’t defend me… or when we are out he is looking at other woman then he plays it off like I am stupid! It didn’t use to bother me but now its like he is making it obvious. I just think that he indirectly brings me negativity because he is unhappy!


  1. I have a bad habit of doing that when deep down I am unhappy with how our relationship is going but don’t know how to go about it.

  2. He’s bringing negativity into your life because he’s a jerk. You need to set him straight and make it clear to him what you will and will not tolerate.

  3. A lot of people that are not happy, don’t want happy people around them. He works on keeping you down, because he’s down. Don’t let him do that. If he won’t take up for you, then take up for yourself. Show some spunk, and do not tolerate shit off of other people. Who are they to make your life miserable? Just because they want to be downers, does not mean you have to be. Let them know that. They will start showing you more respect.

  4. You’re right. He is unhappy inside. Until he learns to be happy inside, how can he be happy around you?
    I am guessing you try to make him happy too. So if he cant’ enjoy his life, then how can he share it with you?
    Well the best advice here is to talk it out with him. Just tell him what you’d like him to start doing for you, and ask him what it is you are or are not doing for him that’s making him so miserable around you.
    Maybe he’ll work it out. If not its going to be a grumpy ride.

  5. Its because you have a negative outlook yourself. If you had a positive outlook then when your mother-in-law says anything you could just brush it off or when you are out with you husband you wouldn’t care if he was looking at other women, because you know he is going home with you.
    Your feeling are yours, so own up to them. If you don’t like how you feel then do something about it and stop blaming other people for how you feel.

  6. his mother doesn’t respect you………he picks up on that…….
    probably they talk about you behind your back…….
    then he doesn’t respect you ….then mocking you becomes a habit…….
    the two actually gang up…..kind of bullying by your mother in law
    and passive aggressiveness with him letting her do it…..
    nothing worse having someone stupid acting like they are smarter and
    superior to you………
    mom wants you gone, you took her baby boy…..
    he’s still a boy…give him back and find a man that cares for you.

  7. daffy spacy hippie universe t’w’a’t’s like you are impossible to be around.
    you = like blaming other people for your own shitty life


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