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Why do I feel like I'm wasting my life?

So, I’m getting ready to graduate in about a month, and I’m ready to go to graduate school. I can’t wait to get my PhD, but, you know, I feel like a part of my life is wasted. I’m 26 years old. I don’t ever party, because I hate watching binge drinking, because I think it’s stupid. I don’t like clubs or bars, for either the previous reason, I don’t dance (or like to), or I’ll be a total wallflower. I don’t really feel normal. I feel out of touch with my own peers. Am I just over-thinking things? I don’t really have a spiritual crisis. I just… feel lost. Ideas?


  1. Are you single? LOL it’s not that you are wasting your life it’s more so you;re on a different level then that of every one else. While every one else thinks that it’s cool to pollute their bodies with all types of alcohol and go to club polluting their minds thinking that that’s what a teenager and college student is all about your more focused on long term goals which is so cool I applaud you. There are numerous ways to have fun maybe you’re just interesting in other things, which is also cool. Just live your life, have fun, and do what makes you happy never question yourself as long as you’re happy that is all that truly matters!

  2. I am roughly twice your age and have been asking myself the same question.
    Please seem more rude and cold when I go places. Retail workers no longer say, “Can I help you?” when I approach the counter for assitance.
    I guess we just can’t worry about it. If people wish to really waste their lives with alcohol, drugs, reality TV, text messaging and constant yakking on their cell phones, then that’s their business. But as for you – you certainly didn’t waste yours if you are presently completing your Phd. In a case like yours, there is no way you are going to feel comfortable around a bunch of dodos that have F-ed up their lives by being dolts. So, don’t give it too much thought.

  3. I know what you mean man.
    It’s just your more focus on your future than the normal 26 year old i guess.(Wich is a good thing!)
    Just talk to your friends & invite them to do something you like to do and see if they are interested.
    Hope it helps,good luck with your PhD too.:)

  4. Is going to party’s, drinking in bars or going to clubs what life’s all about? People who actually cant really do anything with their lives waste their time doing all these things. Your life’s going in a good track right now. Your going to end up as a really successful man one day. This happens a lot when you see your other friends going to party’s and clubbing all night, but in the next 10 years that’s not whats going to matter. I think your just over-thinking yourself all you need to do is relax for while and be happy, for yourself and others.

  5. You don’t want to live or have a life style and yet are missing it.Try to live a normal life but be moderate.Remember,a man is a social animal and shall feel isolated if removed from society.

  6. i KNOW JUST HOW YOU FEEL……… Im in medical school, and i don’t really have a social life either I hate clubs, and bars too but here is the key to surviving, get a couple of friends and plan out something social every so often with them like movies, bowling, paintball whatever it’ll be fun and you’ll be a lot happier, and you would be even happier if you had a girlfriend to be with and friends, but i understand girls can be stressful….. good luck

  7. You must be a psych major. Normal to feel this way when you are ending one road and beginning another. There is this whole breed of people who lightly drink and lightly party and still maintain their lives. You are thinking too extreme. Please go out with a friend or family member and go to a concert and have a beer (or two) or go do some bad 80’s karaoke and have a margarita for goodness sake! The caged monster wil come out if you keep denying he is there and it will be ugly.
    FYI, For some reason from 26-30 you heavily evaluate your life and it’s purpose. It will pass.

  8. LOL!
    You should know you aren’t going to be able to solve this intellectually! Human feelings don’t respond to logic, LOL!
    A part of you knows you could have plenty of friends and female companionship if that is what you wanted, but you chose to make other more important things a priority. Most guys just live for the moment and don’t really consider their future. A lot of the girls out there aren’t interested in long term relationships so the only thing they consider is looks or money. If you want a girl who is marriage material and your intellectual equal you have to make a future for yourself. When you are ready you are going to find a great girl and you’ll be glad you waited.

  9. you are ok i am just like you i am not a social person i rather just stay to myself. if everyone could be like “us”maybe the world would be much better.

  10. *waves* hello! I’m 20, straight edge (minus the music and vigilanteism lol) -ie I’m veggie and don’t smoke, drink, take drugs, or eat meat, quite shy and have two left feet! When you don’t drink or dance clubbing seems utter crap I know and I’d rather just sit and chill with my friends. Don’t worry so much, normality is overrated anyway.

  11. You do not need to worry about your feelings, and you are not lost.
    The most important question in your life starts to wake up in you, you are searching for the meaning of your existence.
    And consciously or unconsciously a larger and larger part of humanity is going through the same steps you are taking at the moment.
    Some of us will try anything (drink, drugs, TV, movies, shopping, traveling, etc) to push this question away, until it is not possible anymore.
    Simply humanity has evolved until such stage where all of us have to face the question about our purpose sooner or later.
    What is next?
    I would like to recommend the short video below that can take you to the first steps of a free online course giving us the tools of self discovery.
    I hope you find it helpful, all the best.


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