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Why do I feel exhausted after a frustrating dream?

Any time I have a dream about frustration or worry, I wake up with a tension in my body, mostly along my torso. Most of the emotional pain is near my Solar plexus (fifth chakra) and my heart (fourth chakra). Why do I have this tightness and exhaustion? And does anybody else sometimes get the same feeling after a dream?


  1. accelerated breathing may cause the solar plexus discomfort, i have been known to kick the covers off in my dreams because of my running away from something in my sleep. sounds weird, i know, but your mind in a dream-state can make your body react as if you were awake.

  2. Melly
    Stress can be created via the dreaming mind as it can an actual experience, so it is not uncommon to feel tense etc upon waking from such as dream.
    The tightness in you SP area may not be chakra orientated but rather from tensing your stomach area & diaphram as you would when normally stressed, except in sleep you don’t tend to relax yourself as you would when awake.

  3. If you are stressed out, it can become amplified in your dream state. Your body needs to vent these emotions. On of my professors in college said that dreams are really a side effect of REM sleep, not the focus. The focus is rewireing the brain and venting emotional tension. If it is too much, of course it will effect you physically, just as such stress would do while you are awake.
    Try stress relieving techniques like medition before you go to sleep.

  4. First of all, throw all of this chakra mumbojumbo out the window. Besides being completely invented and having no basis in reality, it also distracts from the facts.
    If you have an emotionally draining experience, whether awake or asleep, you will be emotionally drained.


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