Home Discussion Forum Why do I bother coming to these chat rooms?

Why do I bother coming to these chat rooms?

Some sick part of my brain makes me think that any of the answers I give you people will ever mean anything. Oh! Why do I care so much for a world that has no use for us! A fundamental change is needed in the evolution of the human race. Total telepathy would do it. Without empathy for others you will all selfdestruct, and it may be about time for it!


  1. Wow!!! R u looking for an answer or a reason to keep answering questions? Either way lighten up. Everyone is not as socially enlighten as you.

  2. You seem to perceive that we need to disrupt the natural evolutionary process by introducing specific behavioral patterns which are universally expressed in everyone’s DNA.
    Remember the eugenics experiments? That goal seems admirable and doable, but is actually unimplementable in the real world.


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