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Why do I believe in reincarnation?

That’s my only remotely spiritual belief. I don’t believe in ghosts, deities, demons, spirits, etc.

..Yet I don’t like it for some reason. It seems very unrealistic and unscientific. I can’t get myself to not believe in it though.

It’s not because I’m afraid of death. I’m more then fine with dying.
There’s no real reason for me to believe in reincarnation yet I do…

Help? Anyone else have similar beliefs?


  • If you don’t like the idea of reincarnation, you don’t understand reincarnation. A plethora of newly created accounts will tell you all the reasons she thinks you should not believe reincarnation is true, but the smarter thing to do would be to look into the reality of reincarnation without regard to any of the silly superstitions associated with it.

    Unscientific? Only to those who haven’t bothered to really look into the serious research on the subject. But then there’s Carl Sagan – brilliant scientific mind behind the “Cosmos” miniseries and books, part of the science team for the Voyagers spacecraft – and known for his tireless dedication to debunking claims of the paranormal. As a serious scientist, Sagan detested the “baloney” in the so-called supernatural world, and even founded a group specifically to examine and debunk paranormal claims. But after looking into the studies conducted by serious researchers, such as Dr. Ian Stevenson, in the field of reincarnation, Sagan was so impressed that he concluded [emphasis mine] that reincarnation is possible:

    “At the time of writing there are three claims in the ESP field which, in my opinion, deserve serious study: … (3) that young children sometimes report the DETAILS OF A PREVIOUS LIFE, which upon checking turn out to be ACCURATE and which they COULD NOT HAVE KNOWN ABOUT IN ANY WAY OTHER THAN REINCARNATION. I pick these claims … as examples of contentions that MIGHT BE TRUE.” – “Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark” by Carl Sagan (pg 300)

  • Thousands of years ago, a certain Asian culture discovered Nirvana. When those who experience Nirvana try to explain us their experience, they use terms like Karma, Reincarnation, Oneness with the Source, etc. Nirvana is quite well explained on rational level, but is the hardest thing to achieve as much as it is said that it is the highest spiritual achievement. Jesus tried to pass on us this same cosmic experience.

    We choose that to believe or not believe in Jesus, that he had good intentions. Not all Shamans, prophets, priests or popes are good. Some people are Evil. Some Gods are Evil to us as much as they may be good to others. We always risk when we give ourselves to someone who can take control of our soul.

    I think that it is ridiculous to doubt in the existence of Nirvana. Try to hook to the “idea” of Reincarnation. Accept that Reincarnation is something beyond your rational reach at this moment. There is no need to search for reasons. Just breath in the flow.

    Ghosts, Demons, Deities, Spirits, Gods, etc. are symbols related to Reincarnation, but on a different level. For example, a God (which transcends from Spirit) is the love of your parent materializing your Spiritual Life. Perhaps a hint to what I am saying could be that when you enter higher levels of meditation, you may experience what we can call “Demons”. On another level, a Demon is a Spirit which used to be God somewhere to someone else, like “don’t listen to that unknown man, he might do you harm”. This all is related to the maturing and “dismantling” of your ego, as you head toward Oneness.

    Perhaps if you are interested, you could read this book:


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