• Some suppressed tendencies rise during meditation. This is NORMAL. You need to have a total lifestyle change in order to master over the sexual impulse. It is not easy. Do not play with it.

  • By sexually aroused, I assume you mean that your phallus swells. If that is the case, then it is normal. In the act of meditation, you are increasing the circulation in your body, including the phallus. Also, the rising of the phallus is actually what happens when the muscles in that area relax. So you are doing fine. No reasons to worry.

    Now, if you are talking about sexual images racing through your head while meditating, then it sounds as though you need to focus more and that your mind is working through an issue.

  • Maybe this is your sexual fetish?

    I have some unusual ones also… Heck try to have some fun sexually with it, if you got it. Explore and have fun with sex


  • Some cleansing going on. Nothing to worry about. It will go away when the situation has been corrected. You are doing fine.

  • Woah, I wanna try that!!

    Maybe because while meditating you become in tune with yourself, and perhaps you’re a very sexual person.

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