Home Discussion Forum why do humans find great attraction to altered states of consciousness?

why do humans find great attraction to altered states of consciousness?

pls i need people who know it to answer, don’t comment if you don’t know it.


  1. It’s not just humans – animals will often take the opportunity to get drunk on fermenting fruit, or trip out on plants that get them high (think of catnip, for instance). It’s an entertaining and pleasurable way to spend some time.

  2. We are a society of the quick fixes, if it hurts take a pill, if your sad take a pill. We have grown to expect things quickly, people believe they don’t have time to study and Analyze their problems. I went to a doctor because I was sad over my husband leaving me and just wanted him to understand why I was acting sad in his office, before I could finish my story he gave me a prescription. He didn’t even have time to listen, I didn’t take the script.
    Others are trying to self medicate, for depression or AHDH. This isn’t wise because it can lead to dependency.

  3. It’s not so much of an attraction as it is an escape.
    I think people are nowadays are so overwhelmed with certain situations in their lives that they think the easiest thing to do is to escape from it for a little while.
    Of course, people deal with their issues completely differently as well. But like I said, it’s more of an escape rather than an attraction.

  4. for me it has been seeeing things in an altered state helps to either, cope with , understand or reach, a different point of view

  5. The human mind and body are capable of INCREDIBLE things! Honestly, I pity people who spend their day at a desk, then home in front of the PC or TV, then in bed, then at the desk… They have no idea what their brain is capable of. And it can move mountains. This is why I’m attracted to altered states of consciousness. I think they are much more human, much more us cause we are limitless.


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