Why do creationists spend 95 percent of their energy attacking evolution?

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If you have a hypothesis that you think can trump the present scientific consensus, why would you spend most of your time and energy attacking perceived flaws in the mainstream theory?
Wouldn’t it be more logical (and more scientific!) to go out looking for evidence to support your own idea? Once you have a sizable amount of that, you can challenge the main consensus, but until you do, what’s the point of attacking the mainstream scientific establishment?
Unless of course, you assumed your hypothesis was simply the default hypothesis.
But surely they know there is no such thing in science.

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Evolution is a joke.

Ardipithecus Ramidus

If evolution wasn’t true, why do creationists feel the need to attack it so much?


Funny how the atheists on this site spend 95.5 percent of the time attacking religious people.


I love watching creationists go into hissy fits.
Kitzmiller V. Dover School Board was absolutely drop on the floor funny.


When you don’t have a valid argument of your own, all you can do is use logical fallacies to pick at perceived flaws in your opponent’s argument and hope the people you’re trying to convince are too stupid or too poorly-educated to notice that what you’re doing isn’t based in anything with any scientific validity.

Dr. Bob

I think you’re being very selective in your reading, then.
There are significant theories about the how and why of creationism. Most people don’t bother to investigate them, but simply pooh-pooh them out of hand. Some mainstream scientists have conducted research in this area, and they’ve lost their jobs, been threatened with loss of tenure, found that no one will publish their work, and more.

Karlton G. Kemerait

Dr. Bob,
I would suggest it is you that needs to do more research. Creationism has been debunked and the issues they raise refuted over and over again. It isn’t science to begin with, they begin with a premise and then twist, manipulate or misuse every piece of data they can to support their position, when that doesn’t work they lie outright, invent data or simply hold a press conference to “announce” something which has no support whatsoever.
link to how real science is done:


cause their idiots we all know christians have an IQ of 30


Theres really no logical argument you can use to support creationism gotta do something else with your time

DCV Titan

Because it beats actually having to try and prove their hypothesis is correct.


Because they are morons.
I’m a Christian. I think that anyone who spends 95% of their time (which I think is an accurate number for the people you are talking about) attacking evolution is a moron.


Why, to convince themselves through convincing others, of course. All that delusion and denial requires lots of work.


It is the main threa to religous teachin. The Darwinian explanation for human origisn si supported by: DNA analysis, Radiometric dating, psuedogenes, and redshift.

Moses Abraham

I don’t know about you. But me, being a creationist, have a job and family. I am only on this site for 1 hour max. So saying 95 percent is waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy oooooooooooofffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff.


And why do some other groups spend 95% of their time attacking Christians?
Why did I chew out someone today, just because he, as a high school Math teacher, asked a question that we discussed as 8-year olds in Catholic grammar school? Why did I attack a friend for using only 10% of his brain, likening his effort to invalidate Christianity with his math mentality, discussing god, was like trying to make love to Megan Fox with only a 2 inch erection, or trying to impress Lady Gaga with two-finger renditions of “Chopsticks” ?
Why is there even an R&S section? Who the hell do we think we are, mere talking monkeys, talking about GOD !? This goes for atheists, Xians, everyone.


Creationists do spend a lot of time attacking evolution because evolution is by far the dominate theory in the world today. It would be like if you were a very liberal democrat and 80% of the house and senate were republicans. You would be extra motivated to share your views.
As far as the evidence to support the creation theory vs. evolution: First of all, they are not apples to apples. It is like saying origin vs. process. Does that make sense? Evolution does not address how it all began, only what happens after it all began. Having said that, I think the process of life even shows far more evidence of a creation beginning. We are learning so much these days about DNA. The scientific evidence we see is that every time anything has a baby it has the same DNA package of its father and mother. The process of a created beginning is showing itself millions of times every day. How much more evidence can there possibly be? A scientist has never witnessed one baby of any species born that has anything in its DNA that wasn’t a mixture of something from it’s offspring. There are often defects, but no new data.
Look at humans. The human medical and drug industry is thriving because so many people do have defects. Skin disorders, back aches, poor eye sight, etc… Yet not one human has wings or ever will if it is not in its parents DNA package. The reason people are having so many medical problems is because if their DNA data was passed and defected, there is a chance their kids will have the same defect. And so we have a process that is evolving, but in the opposite direction of the theory of evolution. That makes me conclude that there was a much more pure created beginning with all the creation functioning the way it should. It is scientifically impossible for our DNA to be evolving into something better as a whole.


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