Home Discussion Forum why do christians think everything popular is the occult?

why do christians think everything popular is the occult?

i was just wondering because i have come across a lot of things on the net where christians are criticizing popular culture and saying that it “the occult”. i mean things like pokemon, harry potter, star wars, etc. etc. they aren’t occult they are just very popular and adds to imagination. do they think that kids aren’t allowed to have an imagination?


  1. they say its the occult because these thing distract kids from god and in the Cristian world this means its of the devil and therefor occult. of course if they would use common sense they would see that these aren’t thing of the devil but things that let kids have fun and be kids. they will have plenty of time later to follow what ever religion they chose.personaly i dont think kids should even be taught religion till they are older and can chose witch faith they want to be part of.
    fyi: you shouldn’t generalize as much not all Christians are like this just some and i think they give other, more reasonable Christians a bad name.

  2. Many — albeit too few — Christians are more reasonable than this. People who have this mindset are projecting their own insecurities onto the outside world. Also, it would help matters if many Christians learned to think in color, foresaking rash black and white categories.
    But sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

  3. Answer – trauma, mental conditioning from early ages, infectious zealotry.
    Anything that is not a verbatim quote or a photocopied imagery from their chosen set of icons and isms becomes subject to suspicion.
    “occult” has become a catch word for anything they are indoctrinated to distrust : astrology, astronomy, supernaturalism, spiritualism, any religion that is not accepted in the mainstream.
    Example : I know many Buddhists and Jews who practice rather esoteric methods, but I do not know many christians who condemn their practices as “occult”.
    A Buddhist sitting in front of a candle humming while burning oils is accepted, but a person who claims the title of “Witch” while doing almost exactly the same thing is somehow “evil”?
    Sometimes very simple minded humans label what they do not understand “evil” because they fear what they cannot grasp. Scientists were burned at the stake for heresy and labeled as “devil worshippers” and “occultists” back in the dark ages. Anything successful or created by man on earth must be the work of devil, right?


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