Home Discussion Forum Why do Christians think anything supernatural/anomalous is automatically suspect of "evil"?

Why do Christians think anything supernatural/anomalous is automatically suspect of "evil"?

Ball lightning>Evil
UFO’s> Evil, vehicles of demons
Ley lines> Grid coordinates of evil
Aurora Borealis> undetermined
Ghosts/spirits> Evil
Buddhist style meditation> Evil
Cryptos (bigfoot, chupacabra, blah blah)> Creatures of evil
Light energy> Evil
Solar anomalies> Evl
Reiki healers> Evil
Levitation/telekinesis/ESP/ETC> Evil
Mantras> Evil
Non-Christian visions and revelations>Evil
Shamanism> Evil
Indigenous practices and beleifs>evil
Police Psychics> Evil
I have many more, but gotta go right now. To be continued…


  1. As a 30+ year Christian I have NEVER heard most of those things referred to as evil, what is your source? Though the rest are specifically dealt with in the Bible and we are told such things as Thou shall have NO other God before me , and Do not suffer a witch to live.

  2. not sure,
    ive seen the most catholic person i know throw salt over their shoulder 10 minuetes after praying?
    you run for the book of shadows but im walking to the bible!

  3. Many events that can’t be explained at the time, are suspect until the answer comes. I have seen the northern lights over Greenland. It was a scary thing, because I have never seen them before. Imagine a person, who has never heard of them, seeing them and panicking. They might close in and consume them.
    It all comes down to fear of the unknown.

  4. I don’t think they’re all evil. A lot of Christians would agree. This survey of yours, exactly how many Christians did you ask?

  5. I dont think many Christians think that if there is life on other planets, or big foot they’re automatically evil. As for all the other things, the only thing evil about them is to whom the credit is given. I think you might only talk about what Christians believe to people who arent Christians anyway since much of those mentioned we dont believe is evil unless you are putting faith in something (someone) other than God.

  6. Church legalism,and spiritual prejudice is the root of such beliefs,Mainstream Christianity is extremely Leary of anything “new age” however not everything outside of Christianity can be called Evil! and as with all religious beliefs some peoples convictions are more on the extreme side then others.

  7. we don’t think those are evil. if you recall, in the bible, when Jesus was walking on water, the apostles thought he was a ghost.

  8. It goes back to ancient pagan traditions where beliefs in the supernatural where elemental to their every day lives. As Christianity started to become the predominant religion, they looked down on all things that were or seemed pagan. There is a natural balance in all things: light/dark, good/evil. Without these the world would naturally be in chaos. But since the Christian belief is only about the light, anything else is inherently evil. Think about this: my children asked me if anyone who didn’t believe in God would go to hell. I asked themif the good people who didn’t know about God went to hell, like the native americans.

  9. Where on earth do you get your information from? You are so way off the mark its crazy.
    Ball lightening – Gods creation
    ufo’s – there aren’t any unknown objects to God, just to man
    Aurora Borealis – Gods creation
    Ghosts/spirits – absolutely biblical, some good, some evil
    Buddhist style meditation: Meditation is also used by others
    Cryptos – nobody knows for sure about bigfoot yet
    light energy – creation of God
    Solar anomalies – Biblically sound – signs and wonders in Heaven
    Reiki healers – God is the judge, not man
    Levitation/telekinesis/esp, etc – unknown wonders – not labled evil by anyone i know
    etc etc etc
    the one that tickles me is the police psychics – if someone can use their mind to find a child molester and killer, do you really think anybody in their right mind would be against that? Why in the world would you think we would call it evil?
    The best thing to do in life is use your own common sense and the brain God gave to you. If it lines up with the express Word of God, your okay. if not, use your brain and be careful what you decide to delve into head-long, thats all. Just common sense.

  10. Sadly, there are Christians who think like this, although I know many who don’t. I suspect, like many people, that when they see something they don’t understand and doesn’t fit with their worldview, they are afraid of it. A few things occur to me:
    Jesus was accused of being of the devil, although his miracles healed and helped people. It seems obvious to me that something that does good cannot be evil. A good tree doesn’t have bad apples!
    I think there is a danger in having superstitions – there is nothing wrong with a four-leaf clover but if you have a panic attack because you left yours at home, there’s definitely something wrong. I also feel that some of these things (eg UFOs) aren’t evil… they just don’t exist.
    There are cults that promise to help and heal their members but are really manipulating them for money. It’s necessary to use discernment and logic to see if something is good or not.

  11. I do not know the answer. But Christianity is based on MIRACLES which to me as a devout Christian means Supernatural. My God is the God of supernatural..healing, changing wine into water, casting out demons, raising the dead, Dying for our sins & rising on the 3rd day.

  12. I can’t speak for them all, just what I have experienced.
    I have either seen, felt the presences, and some communication with ghost, spirits, and angels and God since age four. None of them ever done anything bad to me, usually the ones that communicated were very loving and comforting.
    The reason why lots of people feel the way they do is because they don’t understand the other side, they haven’t experienced any or many. I never really try to communicate with them, they usually came either around me or to communicate to me. The only times was during prayer and that depends on what and how you pray, and if God or other spirits are concern enough to come to your aid or God sends them. These people don’t believe cause they are not spiritual, and it’s understanding cause they have never experience it.
    I have also witness healing, through my and others prayers, through Jesus Christ…… it’s his unlimited powers that heals.
    Furthermore, Psychics some are real, we all have this ability differently in a wide range of ways that it works, I do have this ability, in dreams that come true, know when something bad would happen, hours before hand.
    And basically I can read the auras of people or spirits, when they come near, or as long as I can see them from afar, I can read their aura, it displays their feelings, emotions of their souls.
    Even when I am asleep, my spirit senses sometimes if them spirits don’t wake me, I know where they are in the room, what they are doing as if I can see them, and what they are either thinking or they are communicating that way.
    It’s basically being sensitive spiritually.

  13. Spirituality is born from a personal occurrence with a divine, psychic or mystical experience of one form or another which inevitably connects a person to All that Is/God/Goddess/Allah/Great Spirit /whatever you want to call it.
    Religion is second hand opinion of someone else’s divine experience. I think you will find that religions, and especially fanatical religions, tend to separate and divide people, while spirituality brings people together.
    Thank God that Spirituality is on the increase!
    For those who are ready, no explanation is necessary and for those who are not, no explanation is possible! http://www.psychic-junkie.com

  14. I wonder why you didn’t ask why muslims think those things are evil or native americans or pagans or hindu, etc… You don’t need to focus on Christians. I think people are afraid of things they don’t understand.


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