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Why do Christians say it's a sin to communicate with spirits or practice shamanism?

isn’t there angels in christianity, would it be a sin to commune with them, where do they draw the line and where do they think religion came from in the first place, either some people made it all up, the whole thing or some people were communing with the spiritual realms, becoming enlightened etc, and Ia don’t think they were thinking, I better concentrate on only listening to the Christian God, I don’t think they were thinking at all actually, just being,that is the point, right
any thoughts


  1. i think they say its a sin or just wrong because you cant serve two masters at the same time (the devil and God). and spirits and things like that are from the devil. and in the bible it says you should adore God and God alone.

  2. What we call spirits are actually fallen angels that were kicked out of heaven with lucifer. They try to trick and deceive peopl, anything to undermine God. People go to heaven or hell. They dont roam or haunt.

  3. You can not be sure as to who you are communicating with. That’s the problem. Demon’s will lie to people about what and who they are.

  4. Because they fear what they do not understand.
    God and the Devil are just manifestations of our duality. Does it make sense that God would punish you for seeking knowledge?
    That message is very recurrent in the bible. The bible tells you that it is non-sense when you read it. Its own messages are very often contrary to each other sometimes even in the same chapter.
    Make a few forays into an area of knowledge before condemning, people.

  5. wow! im so freakin confused,im a christian and wierd stuff has been happening around me,then i read sylvia brownes site and discoverd that we all have spirit guides………..now i wanna know weather or not i can communicate with it

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