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why do christians say everything is made by satan? there is an evil and stuff like that?

I have a friend who is pentecostes. he said halloween and many celebrations are satanists, and many religions like shamanism and stuff like that are satanist.. I am a catholic but I don’t think these things are satanist. it depends of the person.. how she or he uses to act?
I am a catholic but many protestants label as christians.


  1. Your friend is crazy and lives in fear. Show him that being a Catholic means seeing Christ in others. The more he thinks about Jesus, the less influential Satan will be in his life and in the lives of those around him.

  2. No, they’re not satanist, christians just believe that because they’re intolerant of other beliefs, its the way they’ve been brought up.

  3. because christians like to keep people in fear so they are not curious and consequently never explore other realms of life not deemed acceptable by them.. so you’re never tempted to change religions/stop believing which would discredit them and give them less power/money

  4. Never heard a Christian say satan made anything but aside from superstitious belief there is most definitely a good and evil but usually it’s a percentage of the the two coexisting in the minds of people.

  5. Satan is a created being. He was created originally as an Angel of Light with an old job title by the name of Lucifer. He no longer carries that name because of his fallen state. He cannot create and never will be able to create because he himself is created. God did not create him to be evil. He was lifted up in himself with evil and was fallen from heaven. He was demoted again when Christ went to the Cross for our sins and now he is just the devil. By the way, hell was created for the rebellious ones. That is why God never intended hell for any human being. God never sends humans there, man sends himself there. Hope it answers your question.

  6. An All-Virtuous Being Cannot Exist
    1. God is (by definition) a being than which no greater being can be thought.
    1. Greatness includes the greatness of virtue.
    1. Therefore, God is a being than which no being could be more virtuous.
    1. But virtue involves overcoming pains and danger.
    1. Indeed, a being, can only be properly said to be virtuous if it can suffer pain or be destroyed.
    1. A God that can suffer pain or is destructible is not one than which no greater being can be thought.
    1. For you can think of a greater being, one that is nonsuffering and indestructible.
    1. Therefore, God does not exist.[2]
    Worship and Moral Agency
    1. If any being is God, he must be a fitting object of worship.
    1. No being could possibly be a fitting object of worship, since worship requires the abandonment of one’s role as an autonomous moral agent.
    1. Therefore, there cannot be any being who is God.[3]
    The Problem of Evil
    1. If God exists, then the attributes of God are consistent with the existence of evil.
    1. The attributes of God are not consistent with the existence of evil.
    1. Therefore, God does not and cannot exist.[4]

  7. Halloween is a play and fun thing that is centered around witches, goblins and the dark side, …lets face it! As it’s obvious and purposeful to be that and the fun to scare and wear a costume.
    People don’t take it to be serious and go about as fun in costumes etc. to collect and party.
    There is another with actual witch covens, practicing of Wicca, and satanic cults and groups who do take it seriously and who do connect occult and Satanic practices with Halloween.
    There are times when the healthy and innocent cross paths with the occult and harm can happen.
    If you are a Catholic and have Christ in your heart and life, are you not a Christian?
    Someone mentioned to look for the Christ in others, but don’t be finding him there if He isn’t in fact dwelling there by the Holy Spirit. Christ does not dwell in all people.
    Blessings be to You in the Name of the Father, of the Son and of The Holy Spirit!
    Me! :- )

  8. No. Halloween is satanic. Do some research and find out the history. Satan is in control of the world right now. This will only be for a little while longer.

  9. Halloween cannot, by any stretch, be called a Christian holiday. But just as Christians in pagan societies in centuries past found reasons for Christian celebrations at the same time as the pagans were celebrating non-Christian traditions, so the church can have harvest festivals and wholesome autumn activities for its youth and children. Paul’s admonition applies to all our activities, “And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him” (Col. 3:17).
    While some Christians are adamantly opposed to allowing children to participate in trick or treat activities, others see nothing wrong with parents accompanying little children to the door of friendly neighbors. In many ways, participation is a matter of conscience since there is no biblical injunction against visiting neighbors for friendly contact. And a Christian witness can be shared with children and parents who come to the believer’s door on Halloween. The Christian response in both instances–opposed to or in favor of “trick or treat” activity–is a matter of personal conscience. Parents who do not want their children to participate in such activity should be able to take their stand without criticism, but neither should they criticize those whose conscience sees the activity as harmless if properly controlled. Likewise, the family that chooses to exercise its liberty of conscience should not find fault with those who choose not to participate. Because “trick or treating” is a matter of personal conscience, the local church should not dictate or sponsor what its members should do as Halloween activity. In all such choices, our relationship with Jesus should have priority and impact our choice on matters of conscience.
    (I went trick-or-treating as a kid and I allowed my son to go trick-or-treating until he got to old. We just stayed away from the spiritual stuff.)
    Biblical/Christian evaluation. Shamanistic practices involve pagan methods and beliefs that are forbidden (Exodus 20:5-4; Deuteronomy 18:9-12). I stay away from this because of the occult potential. Spiritism, spirit possession, kundalini arousal, psychic healing, and various occult practices.

  10. So your friend doesn’t say that “everything is made by Satan”, he says that Halloween and Shamanism are. That’s quite different.

  11. Unless you are doing things as Jesus asked, then you are, whether you realize it or not, doing Satan’s bidding.
    right now, it is Satan who is controlling the whole world.
    Revelation 12; 12Â On this account be glad, YOU heavens and YOU who reside in them! Woe for the earth and for the sea, because the Devil has come down to YOU, having great anger, knowing he has a short period of time.”
    Are you obeying Matthew 28; 19,20?
    Do you know and respectfully USE God’s personal; NAME? Exodus 6;3
    Do you understand and preach the KINGDOM?
    Matthew 24;14…Daniel 2;44
    Do you speak to people? ACTS 5;42 AND 20;20
    Jesus asked us to do all these things.
    He did not say to leave it up to the religious leaders only.
    And he did not limit it to only men.
    Psalm 68; 11Â Jehovah himself gives the saying; The women telling the good news are a large army.

  12. satan – is a facet of the mind (god) – which values corporeal reality – physical existence, and all the desires of the flesh
    The ALL – is the facet of the mind (god) focused internally – spiritual reality
    yea its that simple
    good implies evil
    evil implies good
    all things are needed to contrast our experience

  13. I think they believe everything is bad because they are brain washed … I’m also Catholic and I have a friend who use to be Catholic n he “became” Christian n now everything I talk to him about is bad and evil and satanic… So I just had to stop talking to him because all he does is talk bad about the Catholic church something I see and hear every Christian do..


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