Home Discussion Forum why do christians have a problem with things like reiki and qigong?

why do christians have a problem with things like reiki and qigong?

i am a devoted christian and study energy arts such as reiki and qigong.i allso do a lot of meditating and yoga.i hear alot from other christians that this is a sin and from the devil.how can these healing arts using the life energy God gave us be bad? didnt yeshua tell us to heal the sick?In fact since i started doing these things my faith and relationship with God has greatly improved.


  1. People are afraid of the unknown. If they would learn what these things were really about maybe they wouldn’t call them witchcraft like I’ve heard so many do.

  2. people are lazy and don’t want to invest time in learning about what you are talking about – they may find out it is helping your path to enlightenment as well and that would mean they would have to learn something about it.
    always keep a smile on your face and your chin pointed in the right direction. let the “sin accusers” worry about their own soul. he who has not sinned……

  3. While it is true that you would think that people who believe things fervently even though they have now evidence would just believe in everything, it doesn’t appear to be true. Most of them jealously guard there own personal irrational belief, while condemning the others. I think it must be some type of survival trait put into people somewhere along the evolutionary chain, I mean, if you just believed absolutely everything you ever heard in your life your odds of surviving long enough to breed should be pretty low, shouldn’t they?

  4. God bless you, and may you continue to focus on life energies. They are a gift that God has granted to us, and to neglect to use them, in my opinion, is a slap in God’s face. Embrace the gifts that he has given, and may God be glorified in your use of them. And ignore those Christians who would condemn you because your beliefs do not fit squarely in with theirs. I, also, am a Christian who uses methods different than most Christians would accept, in drawing closer to God. Hail!

  5. I don’t know I am also believe in Christ And Krishna too and I do Reflexology and think all of those healing techniques are gifts of God. So I don’t know whats their problem
    Have you read The Gospel of the Nazirenes (the original New testament ( Christ originally taught Karma, Reincarnation, hell a place where sinners get their very bad karma (no one goes there for eternity) for more info google gospelofthenazirenes.c It is very enlivening

  6. We are often overly cautious when it comes to things that aren’t biblical, but if Gopd doesn’t have a problem with it, that’s cool

  7. I think it depends on what form of Christianity you follow – I am a Christian, and I have no problems with reiki – though I honestly don’t know what qigong is! Lol* Also, I imagine, where you live also makes a difference – it takes a little longer for things that are main stream and acceptable in big cities to catch on in places like the small town I live in. 🙂

  8. They aren’t using the life energy FROM God. As a Christian, healing others should only be done through Jesus … not through reiki (Buddhist origin) or yoga (Hindu origins). Do your research and find out the origins of these.
    The use of energy healing encourages one to put their full trust in themselves and their own bodies, which is a form of worship and is spiritually dangerous. Bottom line … NOT for Christians. Peace 🙂

  9. Make up your own mind. Don’t go the way of fear like the others. Point out that Jesus did hands-on healing and who’s to say it wasn’t Reiki or QiGong?

  10. The important thing is where you put your focus. Is it on God or is it in your own ability to manipulate energy? Who gets the glory and the power? Who or what is in control?

  11. I am a Catholic and use Qigong every day. It brings me very close to Jesus because He is the only one that can heal. He is the only one that can guild you. For me it is a prayer that i have never felt before. To say the there is no energy in the universe that God created is based on fear.

  12. Reiki can only be used for the highest good of the person. The ego must be set aside. You are not in control of how the energy heals. Lastly it is impossible to UAE reiki to harm as that requires your ego and your ego must step aside.


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