Why do Christians cherry pick questions and details and ignore the relevant points?

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I’m tired of Christians and others denigrating the spelling of Magick. Also, the references to Crowley starting it which is false. I gave cited proof that the Magick with a K spelling had printed proofs back to the 16th century. The majority of the answers ignored the question or the proof to denigrate me or something about the question. Is it accidental ignorance, planned ignorance, or just their innate hatred of everyone who will not bow to their beliefs.

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happy pilgrim

and how you spell magic is important???? maybe to you, but i daresay not to most people…
god bless


it’s that very last one, Terry — only they don’t call it ‘hatred’ — they delude everyone into thinking it might be ‘love’ & ‘concern’ for their fellowman, like it’s supposed to be
ok, now i have to apologize cuz i’m getting judgmental & biased against them like they are against us. sorry!!!!

cheryl v

All this because magic is spelled with a k you have issues with a capital I,if you spent more time looking for truths instead of bashing somebody for nothing you seem to know about you would be better off, Have a good day

spirit G

Magic is NOT spelled with a K.you or the one that’s ignorant
and you have already bowed to me on your knees.asking forgiveness for your ignorance and attitude.don’t you even remember THAT?
take some Gotu Kola herb for a better memory and an aspirin and call me in the morning if your not any better.
and theirs nothing you can do to cure your Yankeeish attitude.Its in the dna of all Yankees to be like you or. and also colour is spelled colour NOT color.people spell words correctly in the South.Its Magic not magick.Yankees always think they know it all but in actuality don’t know a thing.you may be from Texas but you still MUST have Yankee dna in you.;


They live the pits for you. no you are ignorant.


Boy-talk about hatred. Your questions are filled with it. It’s not even cleverly diguised. Has it ever occurred to you that what you consider relevant may not be to someone else-Christian or not? Kind of hate to tell you this, but the world doesnt revolve around how you think or what you think. Christians will move right along as well as atheists and Pagans. They’ll all do it without your permission. Sorry.


Been pagan for 20 years.
1) It doesn’t matter how you spell is.
2) Can we please relegate this sort of religious bashing to the R&S board? Bad enough it is over there!

Sal D

I dunno Terry. It seems some just go out of their way to show their ignorance and have no respect for the beliefs of others.


^They don’t understand to them it’s all fantasy, hocos pocos and/or the work of the devil. They believe Satanists believe in Satan and anyone who practices Voodoo is working with the dark forces, they don’t know it’s a religion as well. If they have ever heard of the Druids they probably believe they no longer exist, so how can they understand there is a difference between magic and magick.
Forgive them because they don’t know any better. If they can tell me I’m going to hell because I don’t believe as they do it shows how narrow their minds are. They don’t know that the devil is a Judaism/Christian concept. I’m not saying all, I have known some Christians who are more open, understanding and realize their truth is not the only truth. They were and are taught about the devil so they will be afraid, not stray and come over to the supposed dark side.

Johnny Rebel

How do you know Terry isn’t Tery…….get a life


Because it’s the way they’re brainswashed. Because they are so important and so worried about following the letter of what their “book” says they will do anything they can to belittle.
Funny they don’t worry so much about the “book” when it talks about slavery. Or women. Or medical treatment. Or a lot of others that they conveniently “forget” about.
Fortunately for us, not ALL Christians do this. More and more of them are opening their eyes to the realization that God is actually an individual experience and more of them respect us because we’re already down our own path.
So see, there is hope. The doodoo heads just have more time this week at Y!A.


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