why do Christians celebrate a pagan festival?

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So i see a lot of questions why atheist celebrate Christmas,Christmas itself is pagan festival.

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poƃ ou sǝɹǝɥʇ sıɥʇ pɐǝɹ uɐɔ n ɟı

Any excuse for partying is a good excuse.


if you can’t beat them- join them


To try and take it away from them.
If you make it your festival and do it better ,it takes people away from the otherside and increases your numbers.
(clever manipulation)

intelligent input

Because of the Romans bringing christianity and paganism together to keep the masses happy. Its easier to convert people to something that strongly represents what they believed before.


because these people who do that aren’t christians but pagans. Christians don’t celebrate any festival.
christians worship Jesus in spirit and in truth.

Jσαииα єνє :)

So are Easter, Candlemas, Halloween, S. John’s day etc.
They think their religion is original and the first one but we have been around thousands of years longer and they stole all our festivals to make it easier to convert the population. Also, the haloes in pictures look like the sun…


Christianity itself is ancient paganism. virgin sacrifice, eating its blood and body, gods impregnating virgins, man-gods, etc.
So whats the big deal about them celebrating pagan holidays?


Habit, tradition, followers of the blind………, no accurate knowledge. the list goes on.


True but Christmas was “adopted” as a celebration for Christ’s birth so the meaning was changed and the Christmas “spirit” has been this way for a very long time and is recognized as a celebration to christ birthday around the world. So why if you are an atheist would you celebrate a birthday you don’t even believe in. Is the point. Personally,
I don’t care if you celebrate or not but don’t tell me not to say Merry Christmas or to tell me that because you don’t believe some how that makes me crazy or stupid or narrow minded.


Their own festivals are so boring. 😛


Christmas isn’t a Pagan festival. It’s a Christian holiday loosely based on the Pagan holiday of Yule, but with a decidedly Biblical theme.

What? Me Worry?

Easter \ Ishtar
They do a lot of that sort of thing.


Some Muslims [who call themselves “Modern Muslims”] also celebrate Christmas with a [lame] excuse of co-operating and celebrating with our Brother Christians .
So , you see , do whatever you want to do but please don’t call yourself a true [Muslim – Christian – Jewish – Atheist] unless you follow your religion truly .

Hail Naw!

You are assuming that Christians celebrate the festivities without the mention of Jesus, like non-Christians do. I can understand this because of your perspective, but Christian’s celebrate Christmas by worshiping the birth and life of Jesus Christ. Santa is just for fun.


If a man walked up to you and said, Hi, I am Bob, the savior, drop all your traditions and follow me into a unpredictable future of redemption, even the most devout believers of Bob would have some qualms, and try to adapt their old traditions to this new religion. Humans hate change, and so try to preserve all their past by adapting it to the future.
PS Bob is NOT the savior, nor is he real.


Historically, because Christians had to sell their beliefs to pagans. The less people had to change, the easier they were to accept the new beliefs.
But because of that, christmas and easter have become Christian festivals. Especially because there are no pagans which celebrate Christmas these days. Christmas and easter have become Christian holidays.
Therefore my answer is: Christians celebrate pagan festivals because those festivals have become Christian.


Because we can.
It’s an ownership thing.


Christmas is a Christian festival (can’t you tell). Yule is a Pagan festival, welcoming the rebirth of the Sun. Yes they chose a date nearer to celebrate Jesus because Yule was already a celebrated time, and it’s easier for people to routinly celebrate Christmas if they already celebrate something near the date.
Also what Jared said, don’t know why he got thumbs down.

sly phy .. evil atheist

Christians like stealing other peoples holy days and making them their own


Celebration is what separates humans from animals.
As an Atheist, you should then stop celebrating your birthday or stop celebrating the birthdays of others, because that has it’s roots in paganism too.
I can guarantee that if all the things that had any thing to do with or had it’s roots in religion/faith were banished, as many atheists wish for. Life would be pretty boring!

neville r

Real Christians remember the Birth of the Saviour. There is great danger in making it just a party and forgetting Him. No one here has perfection. nev r


Christmas is a celebration of birth of Jesus. Just because the date used to celebrate it was around the same time as another festival, it doesn’t mean they are connected in any way.
Does that mean because we go to Church on Sunday, we are Sun worshippers? I suppose Maundy Thursday is actually something to do with the god Thor?


I’m a Christian and I do not celebrate Christmas…


We Christians use everything at our disposal to worship God and to show Him to other people. There was never a pagan festival called CHRISTmas. There are many things which some people attach to Christmas which have pagan origins but many born-again Christians do not include them in their celebration of Christ’s birth.
For instance what has a tree, a man in a red suit, decorations, a fruit cake, turkey or mince pies have to do with Christ’s birth? We can have those any time we like and there is nothing wrong with any of them but why they became associated with Christmas I will never know. Santa in particular involves endless lying to our children and expenditure which cannot be afforded by many.
The difference between the way a Christian celebrates Christmas and the way a non-believer celebrates it is that Christians place CHRIST in Christmas where the rest of mankind would prefer to make Christ an ‘x’ and pretend it is all just about having a good party.
I never display any Christmas cards which have pictures of Santa, puddings, robins, snowmen etc.or state Happy Xmas, Happy Holiday or Merry Christmas ‘Merry’ refers to being almost drunk where I come from.

Azure Horse

All celebrations are based on past, pagan, and other religious holidays. To get the masses to accept a new idea you have to mix it with the old and just tweak it to your design. It has been done all through history by all religions not just christians.
This question is also asked very often…common sense and past postings should have given you an answer.
May you be blessed.

Kanye East

Don’t forget Easter.
And to answer your question, It’s mostly because of ignorance. Most of them don’t realize it was banned and then had “The birth of Jesus” was tossed into it later to sugar-coat it.


If that is true,then why are people like you trying to stop it,if it just pagan?
I celebrate my Saviors birth,I celebrate his Victory over the grave and death.For God made A PROMISE and He KEPT it.Jesus came out.
I am he that liveth,and was dead;and,behold,I am alive for evermore,Amen; and have the keys of hell and death.
Hosea 13:14
I will ransom them from the power of the grave;I will redeem them from death:O death,I will be thy plagues;O grave,I will be thy destruction:repentance shall be hid from mine eyes.

Pagan Mama

Who cares. When a Christian celebrates Christmas it’s their business not mine. I am too busy enjoying my own holiday to worry about someone else.

Frou Frou

well, it snot just one is it, its all of their holidays, easter, xmas, may day, evyerthing is of pagan origin, and otherr leigions too
why they do it, cos their religion claimed them for their own, and now refuses to let it go


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