Why do Christians accept pagan traditions?

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A lot of Christians choose not to celebrate Halloween (or celebrate it entirely) because it is based on many pagan, and therefore demonic practices.
With that being said, aren’t Christmas tree’s and Easter eggs just as pagan? I go into churches all the time that have Christmas trees on display, but I’ve never seen a Jackerlantern. I don’t really understand why one is okay and the other is not. Shouldn’t they both be left out?
I’m a Christian by the way, if that makes a difference here.

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Because their religion wouldn’t exist without them.


I don’t! I am Christian too and do not do any of those pagan things.

Nestor Diaz-Green

A good thing is hard to end…
T R O L L !


Because not everyone lives the letter of the law rather the spirit.
Halloween and Christmas could be times to spend with family and create fond memories.


Most of Christian doctrine and foundational beliefs actually come from paganism, not Judaism.
Why do Christians accept this? Because they are not educated in where their beliefs come from. They are in fact lied to when they are told they come from Judaism, and most people don’t know any Jews and if they do, they aren’t Orthodox Jews, and if they are, they don’t bother to ask what Jews believe and what the real meanings of anything in the Jewish Torah are.


Early on, Christians made their “holidays” the same day/time as existing pagan traditions. This helped convert more people to Christianity. They incorporated traditions to ease the transition and boost its appeal.


Yes, those are pagan and Heathen symbols that have nothing to do with Christianity. Basically the early church adopted a lot of the old pagan and Heathen symbols and traditions because they couldn’t stop the rest of us from doing as we pleased anyway. So they just made it “christian”. Worked to a point. A lot of christians deny they’re engaging in rituals and traditions much older than their own faith when they celebrate those holidays now. The rest of us know better, but educating someone who doesn’t want to be educated is apparently fairly pointless. Much like my Heathen ancestors, they will do as they please even if their deity will raise one cosmic eyebrow in a “why are you doing that pagan and Heathen stuff when I asked you not to?” gesture.

Stare at my avatar NOW!

Birthdays (astrology)
Virgin birth
Nike shoes (Goddess Nike)
Do you all these are PAGAN?
This is one of the reasons why I left christianity. Christians pick and choose what they want to believe in. And there are so many different versions of jesus and christianity.


Christians are to live in this world but not partake in the evil things the world does. They believe that there is no day dedicated to the devil for all days belong to God the creator of the earth.
If you want to get technical and bare bones honest if you admit that God is the creator of the earth then you also have to admit that pagans were made by man and that God came first.
Christians who follow Christ are judged by the motive of their hearts not the outward display.
Most people won’t understand what that really means.

Senator Padme Amidala Skywalker

Because they can & it’s a free country! I like Halloween & Devil’s night or “mischief night” & Tping houses. If you don’t like it don’t celebrate it but DON’T ruin it for the rest of us just because you think you’re right when you’re NOT!

The Luke

Christians associatte Christmas with the birth of Jesus and easter with the death of Jesus because the holidays and events (if the events did indeed occur) occurred at similar times. Nothing happened around Halloween really. Also, it might be because Halloween is to do with spirits and the dead and stuff, maybe Christians don’t want to be associatted with ritualistic or even Satanistic holidays…

Goomba Durr

Not sure why. But it is fun to have


Many pagan rituals were accepted by the early church because it was unable to get new converts to give up the events that they traditionally took part in (like the winter fires). There was never really an idea that pre-christian religions were demonic until much later.
Religion (as an institution) is man-made, in that we interpret things in the way that we choose, and so there are many different ways that people follow what they believe in, and still call themselves a member of a group (e.x. Christian, Muslim, Pagan, etc.). I’m sure that you have noticed this in church, everyone has a slightly different idea of what things mean.
As far as the Easter Egg, the symbolism fits nicely with the message of Easter, so why not adopt it? The idea that Jesus died to allow for the forgiveness of Sin and the promise of life after death – and the egg represents the promise of new life. This is why the holiday of Easter is placed in the spring – the promise of new life.


well, when the Protestants fled and attempted to preserve God’s Holy Living Word and Law, they inadvertently took with them, Many of the adopted pagan/heathen doctrine, traditions and rituals from the early RCC, this is why, in Revelations, it states: she has caused the entire world/ALL nations to be drunk in her fornications, it is indeed time to Sober Up, Jesus gives ALL, not some, a powerful loving warning in Rev. 18:4…..God Bless and Keep You

bryan L

Because they like to pick and choose Christmas itself is based on the winter solstice a pagan day and was set so that christians would not stand out as much in the early years. Man made religion so they can do what they want with it i guess. But to call some pagan traditions demonic fut follow others is hypocritical i think

Senator John McClain

Good things can come from many sources. The Christmas trees and Easer eggs have great symbolism. I’ve never really tried to find Christian symbolism in Halloween traditions.


The Christian religion is based on them!
Even the cross came from a pagan symbol.
The romans used ‘T’ shaped ‘crosses’ for crucifiction, not the ‘traditional’ christian cross.


Christians do not worship trees or eggs…
That is the difference..
Halloween for most people has nothing to do with the actual practices involved..For most it’s about kids, costumes and candy…Again, with no worship involved..

No Chance Without Jesus

A thing is only a thing. How you use a thing defines the thing.
All the pieces of plastic and steel that approximate a tree that I have put in my house each year represents family to me. (Real trees catch fire to easily and it’s a waste to kill one for that)
I don’t do bunnies and eggs. The whole fertility gig at Ishtar we Easter is wrong… to me


Ignorance of the fact.
I was the same until I read more of the teachings.
Actually, it started when I wanted to celebrate Christmas as best I could. All Christ, no Santa. So I went to the public library to find all the religion in it that I could. WHOA! That was a shocker!
No more Christmas or Easter for me after looking into all the historical secular information.
I’m a Christian by the way, if that makes a difference here.


When did pagan beliefs become demonic?
There is a difference you know.
Early Christians were smart cookies. They knew that laying their own religious holidays over existing pagan ones would help ease the conversion of the pagans into Christians. The birth of Christ occurred in the spring. Christians moved it to the winter solstice celebration so the pagans converts could continue their traditions with just a change in focus.


Most of the Christian religion practices come from Pagan traditions. People accept it mostly because they don’t know, or don’t believe it. Everything from Christmas trees, to the ornaments hung, to the eggs on Easter, even the day of Christmas all stems from the Pagans.
As a side note, Pagan is not demonic. Some have a god with horns. But this comes from the duality of the religion. The horns represent animals such as deer so that they will have enough food for survival.


Yes dear, sometimes we integrate the worldly things into Christian life. But it is refreshing to see kids dress up like Bible characters, and even the christmas decorations are pretty too. Easter is about the resurrection and really not eggs at all, but the kids love it so they just incorporate some of this for the kids i think. Better to be dressed like an angel at church than a pirate or devil in the world. God bless you. I know how you feel.

Yea, It's me again

Why? Well, there are several reasons that I can think of;
1. Tradition
2. Just following the crowd
3. Lack of knowledge
Here is what God says on the matter of a lack of knowledge:
Hosea 4:6
My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.
Chilling, isn’t it?


The real real Christians, do not believe in Easter and Christmas and whatever else is pagan.


Why do you criticize any?
Have you obtained to perfection?
Are you the door to eternity?
Can you break the seal on the book of life?
Edit: thank you for the thumbs down.
I f you fear a stupid “holiday” today, what will you do when the real challenges, to your faith come?; and they will come?
By the way i am a sane fundamentalist.
My Joy Is full.
Have a nice day.

April Golden

Religions… all of them….. are really weird.
I truly think they are rather like a back pack some people carry around. And in it are the most silly, idiotic ideas…sky daddies, invisible friends, stolen folklore and fairy tales, all illogical, all believed with no proof….except a 2000 year old holy book copied and miscopied for all those years. (Religion is a way of mind control…less now than 1000 years ago.)
The rest of their lives they run according to reason and logic.
So, Christians are no different that Muslims or any other faith based doctrine.
Sure, adding garlands and greenery at the winter solstice is for sure pagan, so is Easter. It’s just one more thing cherry picked by the faithful Christians. You should know, however that Halloween is celebrated as the day of the dead in Latin America, mostly pagan mixed with RCC, and thus Christian.
Go figure.


I imagine it stems from back in the first Church when things like eating meat sacrificed to idols was a big question. Paul told people (Jews) who were “weak” that they could abstain from eating but not to judge others (Gentiles) who did it. His reasoning was that if we believe in God/Jesus, then we don’t believe that those other gods even exist, so the meat could not really be sacrificed to them. The Gentiles were smart because sacrificed meat was sold at a discount price. They could eat it without worshiping another god.
The same goes today. We can have Christmas trees, Easter eggs, and all the other pagan-born traditions and not actually be worshiping the pagan gods from which and for whom the traditions were born.
Celebrating Haloween (i.e. Trick-or-treating and dressing up) is not worship of a pagan god. It is simply a cultural tradition that is fun for children and adults. Few people and no Christian actually celebrate the original reasons for the holiday.


Christians are a funny group of people. They pick and choose which Pagan symbols and rituals to “borrow” and include in their religion in what appears to be a very arbitrary manner. They accept the deep rooted Pagan symbolism and rituals of Christmas (including the birth of Jesus), the Trinity, and Easter (including the death and resurrection idea), even the Cross itself, but reject those from Halloween. Christians even morphed some Pagan Gods and Goddesses into Christian Saints. Halloween isn’t even a particularly religious holiday or celebration (even dating back to its origins). It was to celebrate the new year actually.
Halloween originated from Samhain (among other similar celebrations held by various Pagan tribes). Samhain was a celebration that paid tribute to ancestors who had passed over as well as giving thanks for the crops harvested all summer and preparing for the harsh winter to come. Many of their rituals show up in the way Halloween is celebrated today, but they are not particularly “religious” in nature.
Christians in Europe even celebrated something based on Samhain or Halloween. They took Samhain and tried to Christianize it….this was just one more way to further “convert” Pagans without making a big deal or confrontation about it. They figured the Pagans wouldn’t mind being Christian since they would still basically be celebrating the same holidays and have the same rituals.
In the seventh century, Pope Boniface IV designated November 1 All Saints’ Day, a time to honor saints and martyrs. It is widely believed today that the pope was attempting to replace the Celtic festival of the dead with a related, but church-sanctioned holiday. The celebration was also called All-hallows or All-hallowmas (from Middle English Alholowmesse meaning All Saints’ Day) and the night before it, the night of Samhain, began to be called All-hallows Eve and, eventually, Halloween. Even later, in A.D. 1000, the church would make November 2 All Souls’ Day, a day to honor the dead. It was celebrated similarly to Samhain, with big bonfires, parades, and dressing up in costumes as saints, angels, and devils. Together, the three celebrations, the eve of All Saints’, All Saints’, and All Souls’, were called Hallowmas.
The Puritans in the northern U.S. Colonies however wanted nothing to do with anything remotely Catholic or based in Catholicism so they rejected Halloween (among other rituals). They even made it “evil” to further the illusion that it was “satanic.” This was their way of controlling their environment and the people in their colony. Cast out from the group anyone who might celebrate Samhain/Halloween/All Hallow’s Eve (because obviously they were evil and worshipped Satan). The southern colonies however were more “liberal” and still celebrated Halloween.
There was nothing evil in the intent or in the celebrations (either by Pagans or the revised Catholic version) of Samhain. It has nothing to do with Satan. That is an untruth spread by Christians simply to create fear and disparage a holiday that once held meaning for Pagan people.


Halloween was celebrated by the Pagans in Britain and around that area, the Church didn’t like this, so they decided to move all saints day into Halloween to merge the two together.


It is because of ignorance and social tradition that they do that.
My wife and I do not celebrate any of the traditional religious holidays except those mentioned in the Bible. Pesach vs Easter for example.
The devil tells some that there is no god. The rest he simply shifts the focus off of god.
So now it’s about coloring eggs and putting up lights.
God bless.


Actually pagans adopted their religion from eastern religions who in turn changed and plagiarised Judaism and Judaism was the religion Jesus Christ was born in, and you Know who Jesus Christ is right?..

cool breeze

king somebody somewhere declared some to incorporate the savage country folk into their world and belief system. it stuck and the english culture spread to america and europe and all it’s colonies and the world. The european church of the time out of rome and the pope’a, their influence and the church spread through europe. i think the king may have had some relationship or marraige with family in rome and back then deals were made and things were done.
now christmas easter whatever is in china, india, anybody loves to have presents and celebrate anything. I celebrate cinco de mayo get drunk right before my b day, i should celebrate chinese new year. this is all me personal. in africa with missionaries and other things there’s christian culture not so much a working class with disposable income for holidays in africa but i’m sure theres a santa clause in some hut somewhere that’d bug you out. Voodoo south american religions incorporated pictures of the virgin mary, statues and idols from christian saints on a grass roots level.
oh i didn’t read the top completely… halloween. it’s dark and scary which may set it apart in some peoples minds. ghosts and demons and such. associated with naughty things.


There are a “FEW” Christian churches that take a hard stance about holidays and ties to paganism etc – but not all do. We have Fall Harvest parties every Halloween at our church and that takes in Trunk-or-Treating and kids in costumes, we have Christmas Trees in our foyers, Christmas lites, no Easter Eggs, because Easter represents a Holy Day not the Easter bunny. So everyone decides what is comfortable for them and what isn’t. Santa, Easter Bunny, and many other holiday worldly icons are represented thru the world in different ethnic and cultural ways.
Everyone also knows that many now Christian holidays have origins or links to once pagan celebrations as well. BUT we aren’t TIED to those ancient pagans as Christians. SO we take what once WAS and make into what NOW IS for us, in our time, with our own personal faith & beliefs. Like anything else which seems up for private interpretation as well – right? : )

Michele K

-at the very beginning- in order to spread Christianity, pagan believe was as much included as Buddhism accepted pagan influences: for making it more attractive for new believers, who did not want to give up everything of their old belief.
Nowadays many people celebrate Halloween etc, because they like it and because the power of the church has been dissolved in many areas or at least weaken in others.

kymm r

catholics have adopted a lot of beliefs from the pagan culture we have a tree to symbolise life the esabat is december 21 halloween is samhain october 31st, easter is beltaine may 1st. All souls day nov 2
in christian and oct 31st for pagan, it is the time when the passed souls are said to walk the earth as whole it is the time when the veils between worlds are at the thinnest.


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