Why do Buddhists think Buddha crticised the caste system, when Buddha was Lord Vishnu and Vishu taught caste?






Vishnu doesn’t disapprove of the caste system. Vishnu incarnated as Buddha as an avatar. But Buddhists corrupted the teaching of Buddha to try end the caste system, whereas Buddha came to strengthen the caste system. Why did Buddhists get it wrong?


  1. Meh – it’s easy to disparage another religion. It’s hard to tell me what’s right about yours. Give it a shot. I’ll be waiting, and breathing, and waiting, and breathing….

  2. Buddha wasn’t Lord Vishnu.
    Lord Vishnu is a fictional character in Indian mythology.
    Buddha was a real person.

  3. Before the time of Lord Buddha the Vedas were used wrongly, by people as an excuse for mass animal slaughter and the rest. They said that the Vedas allowed it, even though that’s not really what the Vedas said – they twisted Them. Lord Krsna then incarnated as Lord Buddha who preached against the Vedas and a personal form, saying that all was need for liberation, or nirvana, was to lead a good life following the principals that He gave. Later, Sankacarya appeared as an incarnation of Lord Siva on the order of Lord Krsna. He then brought the Vedas back into society, though in an impersonal light. Lord Krsna just wanted the Vedas to come back, since He thought it was the proper time for Them to again be reveiled. Later Madvacarya appeared and taught the Vedas according to personalism. It was taught down the sampradaya system until Lord Caitanya appeared who is the direct incarnation of Lord Sri Krsna.
    Buddha is Lord Krsna, who appeared to stop the wrong use of the Vedas.

  4. Hinduism is a COVERT mask for Casteism which intrinsically seeds HATRED in your Children (e.g.Varun Gandhi).
    Hinduism is a hierarchical (not groups) based irrational system of keeping one CASTE (Brahmins?) over everyone else.
    In America there is no system in place today that forces people to remain separate or keeps one class subservient to another.
    If you were born the son of a street sweeper, but excelled, you could become a doctor or lawyer or some celebrity or entrepreneur – and at the same time you would be fully accepted by your peers.
    Not so in India. The caste system freezes everyone in place. It is extremely difficult – almost impossible – for someone from the lowest caste to rise in education and social status.
    A Dalit would never be allowed to marry into one of the higher castes and would never be accepted as an equal.
    And for a Dalit to make it into MEDICAL school or opening a RESTAURANT or become a PRIEST in a temple or become a member of high SOCIETY in India is very rare indeed.
    Only by escaping from the grasp of Hinduism do they have much of a chance.

  5. Well its like Sisyphus preached the people that one should wear thick woolen clothes. Reason behind preaching – Cruel Winter. The same Sisyphus preached the people – wear thin clothes – Reason – Hot summer. The same Sisyphus preached people – Wear rain coats – Reason – Monsoon. Same person preaching three different religions. Well actually Lord Vishnu is like a great manager managing the huge masses of not only humans but other innumerable species of the universe. However his special attention is on earth bcos above earth in heavens Gods are supposed to face happiness. Demons in lower skies below earth are supposed to face misery & pain whereas humans on earth are a mixed category. Actions or Deeds is the main thing on earth depending upon which we either become ghosts, or attain heaven & attain heaven bodies or go to lower skies and become demons or animals either on earth or in lower skies etc. End result is something which Lord Vishnu monitors. Caste system started giving not so good results hence Lord Buddha was created by Lord Vishnu to eradicate that system. Similarly if any particular religion would start breeding terrorists to kill innocent people and the end results gained will be that terrorists becomes ghost along with the innocent people also then Lord Vishnu will have no other choice but to put an end on such religion. That way if some religion bcos of forgiveness empowers sinful people who break the social conduct and newer generations face cultural shocks thereby starts becoming trees bcos of excessive sexual environment faced then also such religions would be doomed. Egyptian & Maya culture are some of the examples where rage of heavenly gods had launched. Not even Hindu religion is free from this rule. Any religion, system etc. if gives end results proper then only such religion or system can survive but with passing of time & changes in nature I mean internal nature which rules creatures as well as external nature the same systems or religions lets good people in tears then rage of heavenly gods arises. All people should be happy and should progress to higher species is what heaven wants from us. So we can see some opposite commands in all religions. If u have to pass your vehicle through a curvy mountain you cannot drive straight but that does not mean that driver is a fool. For God also the same rule applies. He is not driving our vehicle straight bcos he knows the curves of life which needs a turning now & then otherwise life can not continue.

  6. Buddha is not an avathar of Lord Vishnu.It is sheer madness and false propaganda.vishnu is a fictional character and Buddha was a great teacher and a philosopher who lived in India.

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