One measrue of physical fitness is a “step test,” in which a subject steps us on a low platform and then back down (one second for each), and continues this process for 3 minutes. Then the pulse rate and respiration rate of the individual in monitored ntil they rturn to the normal rate measured before the test started. Why do breathing and heart rate remain elevated after exercise stops?

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  • After exercise your muscles will need more energy to break down toxic materials such as lactic acid remove it from the body.

  • your heart and lungs have to slowly get back to their normal state. u can’t just expect it to go back to normal right away.

    your muscles also are tired, and still need oxygen and blood to transport energy and waste products that they utilized during the exercise, so it will take time before u get back to normal heart rate and breathing

  • during exercise the body will be needing more oxygen then usual, so even after we stop our body will still be in need of oxygen. so our breathing rate will remain increased and our hearth rate will remain increased inorder to deliver oxygenated blood to all the muscle cells in the body that still requirer oxygen and to take away the waste carbon dioxide from the muscles.

  • Maybe because your muscles are still requiring oxygen since they are still swollen from being used. Oxygen is transported to your muscles via your blood from your lungs and that could be the reason why your heart rate stays elevated.

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