Home Discussion Forum why do auras have color?

why do auras have color?

How come they have color? Does everyone really have different colored auras?


  1. the color is a reflection of the person. everyone has a slightly different color aura, but there are only about 12 color categories.

  2. yes, they mean different things
    they’re somewhere online i bet
    i’ve looked them up before and found the sites quite interesting

  3. Scientists have yet to fully understand auras. The colors of the energy/electrical body surrounding living things was first photographed by a man named Kirlian. His photographs showed the colors of the spectrum, this color wavelengths were given off by the varying electrical impulses of different body. And yes, people really have different color auras, although not totally different. People with certain character traits seem to have the same color auras, although not necessarily in the same order away from the body or the same intensity.
    Auras are real, and have been scientifically proven. What exactly they are and why has yet to be discovered.

  4. People do have different color auras.
    My cousin can see auras she said mine is purple/lavender, depends though, and a Psychic ones told me it was Pink, bright pink.

  5. We all have energy , right well we have a little energy field that surrounds us and when our moods change or we are not happy with where we are at in or lives it eludes color light, The Aura is…, white- is your happiest state, then light blue -you are with in Gods hands and happy,lavender-
    Your in a state of excitement and happy , yellow, very calm and happy, Orange you are a little annoyed, but you can handle it , orange and red your getting mad and you need distractioncation, red – you are really mad and you must address the problem .
    and then there are subtle color changes on different parts Body your body , if you have been working hard with only one hand and arm that arm will show up on the scope as hotter or redder because of the over excerstion of that limb

  6. Check out this youtube video, it take you on guided meditation through the different chakra’s
    aura’s correlate with the different chakra’s in your body, which are the colours of the rainbow, light which is what we are.. All colours have different vibration or frequency to them. We all have aura’s.
    Check out this google video, it takes you on guided meditation through the different chakra’s
    Watch it, it’ll make you feel amazing:

  7. Couse each color Relates to the level ..locational ….domain.
    As an example :.
    Clear red: Powerful, energetic, competitive, sexual, passionate
    Green : Relates to heart and lungs
    ORANGE : Relates to reproductive organs and emotions.


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