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Why do atheists………..?

(I’m not christian btw)
Why do atheists attack christianity and the other abrihamic religions, but never focus on any of the other less common religions such as the different forms of neo-paganism, shamanism, traditional chinese, and other religions.
Also as just a question out of curiosity, do you as an atheist believe in anything supernatural?


  1. Christianity is the most commonly discussed religion here on R&S, that’s why. Also, Christianity is the religion most connected with US politics, etc.
    “do you as an atheist believe in anything supernatural?”
    I’m sure some do, I don’t.

  2. I don’t attack anyone, first of all, and the reason that atheists don’t really concern themselves with other religions, besides the Abrahamic religions, is because other religions aren’t running around trying to convert people and pass legislation.
    I don’t believe in anything supernatural.

  3. I attack Christianity because it affects my life the most.
    “do you as an atheist believe in anything supernatural?”
    God no.

  4. Because the pagans and such keep to themselves and don’t try to force their nonsense into classrooms, etc.
    You also don’t see them starting wars or flying airplanes into buildings.

  5. Why do atheists attack Christianity and the other Abrahamic religions?
    –I’ve never attacked Judaism.
    Do you as an atheist believe in anything supernatural?

  6. Because christianity is bloody f*ing EVERYWHERE — you walk down the street, there’s always some group handing out flyers or knocking on your doors. It’s annoying how christians make it their lifelong quest to spread the message of God, and they will persist and persist.
    If I really wanted to be christian, I would go to church myself to learn about it, I don’t need people shoving their way into my day.
    Other religions keep to themselves, I’m ok with that.

  7. I Was This Way When I Was A Goddess Worshipper. I LOVED Every Religion I Could Read About…Until It Came Down To Christianity.
    I Think That It’s The Evil Religion That Made Me Feel That Way Toward The Right One. But Anyway, I Think It’s The Lack Of Tolerance They Think The Christians, Muslims, and Jews Have.

  8. It’s simple really: Atheists are the flip side of the Christian coin.
    They’re exactly alike except for one thing: Christians believe in their god, atheists don’t.
    Both are absolutely sure that they each know for sure that they know the “truth”. That’s basically it.
    (Atheists don’t understand those other religions because they don’t directly oppose their world view.)
    – The Eternal Satyr

  9. Atheists don’t get irritated at neo-paganism, shamanism, traditional Chinese beliefs, and other religions because their believers respect our right to non-belief: they don’t proselytize constantly and tell us we’re going to hell because our thinking doesn’t mimic theirs.
    I believe in nothing that can’t be proved by the preponderance of the evidence.

  10. I’ve never had a Wiccan or a Buddhist try to shove their beliefs down my throat.
    And, no, there is no evidence for anything supernatural.

  11. In an English-speaking venue, the most common religions are Abrahamic, so they would be the most likely to provoke an atheist to respond negatively. And it is most often a response, not an initial “attack”. There are relatively few members of Vedic or “nature” religions represented. Even so, they tend to be a little more grounded in reality. After all, nature is tangible. But I would think most atheists do not believe in anything supernatural.

  12. First reason that comes to mind is that there are more Abrahamic theists than any of those other theists you mentioned.
    That being said, I reject all organized religions equally, but I try to be respectful of those who choose to follow whatever religious or spiritual path that speaks to them.

  13. We “attack” xtianity because they are the ones who continuously push their agenda down the throats of every other person in their way. What ever they believe is the right way and no one else matters. Xtians are the only ones who preach to those who who have no interest in their religion. They send the little monkey soldiers out to go door to door to irritate the neighborhoods, they send out their armies to conquer other lands and force the native peoples to change their beliefs to xtianity – upon threat of death. Come on, xtians keep Europe in the DARK AGES for at least 300 years- preventing any advancements in the sciences, astronomy, medicine, biology, geology, etc. Scientists and great thinkers were exiled or murdered to keep their ideas from getting to the public. Why would we NOT attack this group of people. And they are still – in 2009- attacking atheists as dishonest, immoral people. BS!! Pres George Bush (the father) actually said that he did not think that atheists could be considered patriotic or good citizens. This coming from the xtian mouth of the leader of the free world. THis is why we keep fighting back.
    We also try to show people of other faiths the facts as we know them to be regarding life on earth. At least they do not harass us.
    Belief in all things supernatural is dismissed.

  14. I’ve never had a Neo-Pagan, Shaman, Chinese, Buddhist, Jew or Hindu knock on my door during my dinner and try to sell me his religion, and tell me I was going to hell if I refused it. Neither have any of those other religions tried to get their book codified into the law of the land. Nor have any of them tried to have their myths taught as science in the public schools.
    Maybe that’s why we go after Christians. We’re getting tired of them being so damned pushy.

  15. Because as a general matter of fact those other religions don’t try to force themselves on people, they don’t seek to convert, they don’t proselytize, they don’t wake you up in the morning by banging on your door. The Abramhamic religions, with the exception of Judaism, do.
    And to answer the latter part of your question: I do practice a religion (and yes I am an atheist); I am a Heathen.

  16. I personally attack the Abramaic religions because they are constantly trying to suppress other people in living their lives. If the Shamans started imposing their views on someone or even a whole country (as the Christians are doing with gay rights) then I would talk about them badly. But they don’t and they do what other religions should, keep to themselves! and leave other people to do what they want as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else.
    And I actually do believe in the supernatural as many atheists do not. I mean, there are ghosts and your spirit doesn’t disappear when you die and it certainly doesn’t get sorted into ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ as the Bible would have us believe. No, I believe that there are spirits all around us and that they watch us all the time.

  17. because not one of the others try to force them to agree with them
    its really very clear
    as christianty is the dominant religion, it didnt do it politely and ask peopel, it forced its way in to soceity, to peopels lives, and made sure those who were not christian, feared to be themselves
    that is why i deteste it and ‘attack’ it
    but what you view as attack, i view as honesty and facts
    yes some atheists beleive in spiritrual and supernatural issues

  18. There are some Christians/Creationists who want to take over America. They continue to get politically involved, and attempt to get their religion taught in science class.
    Anything supernatural is superstition.


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