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Why do atheists try to convince christians that they're story is true and the christians to convert the atheis?

What proof do they need except the ”whole universe” in front of their eyes to acknowledge the fact that there can’t be nothing out of nothing.
There has to be something , you call it the big bang theory, christians call it the creation.it’s the same view from different perspectives, it can’t be two different big bangs.
Also the including the afterlife,
Atheists = it’s a chemical reaction in your brain thtat’s caused you to hallucinate.
Christians =it’s called the life after death
Even If life after death would be a hallucination provided by the amounts of DMT that are produced in your pineal gland by the time of death , it could be a nice experience which could literaly take for an eternity.
If we look at dreams, which are also caused by DMT we notice that time in dreams is much more extended ( so a few seconds in a dream can feel like a day or sometimes even more)
So what is death is nothing more than a ”Super-Dream” where you get stuck when you die.It would seem like an eternity.Even if in reality it would be 10 minutes.
Even if it is so I think it can’t be the one way and the other.It has to be somewhere in the middle.
So ahteists please be sincere this time and aknowledge that we have nothing to debate on cause what we are debating on is actually that we think the same stuff, only that we like good bed-time stories and you like horror-movies. ( it’s a matter of perspective)
It’s just as debating that we like House music and you like HIp-Hop music, but it’s still music.
So what all the arguing about nothing we’re all the same.
Only because you have another interpretation doesn’t mean yours is the best and ours is not.
Maybe it’s different from what we both think?
Hopefully some of you will rethink and understand this before throwing out the ”bad vibes” on me just because I want to make peace.


  1. Nonono, Big bang didn’t create anything. It just started a large chain reaction leading to us.
    And I reserve peace for the real world, not forums I vent anger on.

  2. Because the one being ‘converted’ to atheism was Never an Authentic Christian to begin with!! (No such thing as an ‘ex-christian’.)

  3. We have data, research and evidence to back up our claims. You have a moldy old book, edited and rewritten by people for centuries. You fail again. Now go back to school and wipe the drool off your chin.

  4. Because the one being ‘converted’ to Christianity was Never an Authentic Atheist to begin with!! (No such thing as an ‘ex-atheist’.)
    ROFL…see how stupid that sounds?
    But to answer your question…..atheists are all about choice, and the fighting comes when that “choice” is taken away. So believe whatever you want, most of us really couldn’t care less. Just keep it to yourself and don’t make any laws that force others to conform to those religious beliefs.

  5. > What proof do they need except the ”whole universe” in front of their eyes to acknowledge the fact that there can’t be nothing out of nothing.
    Scientists do not deal with proof, but with evidence, whereas christians do not need either proof or evidence. This is a very large difference.

  6. Trying to make peace, so the only way you can make peace is if they believe the way you believe?
    I believe in a god, so I can’t be called Atheist. But I will NEVER consider my self a Christian. and no I don’t want to go to heaven if it means I will be locked in some paradise for eternity, with some of the god fearing Christians I have seen on this site. You book teaches not to Judge, but that is all Christan’s ever do, and before you say I am wrong, The second you tell some one they are wrong and will burn in hell. You have just judged that person. When you learn not to care that a person does not believe the way you do, you become more secure in your own belief and all the stuff you complained about above doesn’t matter anymore. You are not the one to judge them so why should it.

  7. Something can be created out of nothing, quantum physics says so. I absolutely do not believe in an afterlife, chemical or spiritual. I do like horror movies, they’re more interesting…You and I believe nothing the same, you believe in an afterlife, I do not, you believe that there is a god, I do not, you believe creationism, I believe evolution and physics.

  8. In actuality, atheists are the ones who mind their own business. Whereas Christians are the ones who are always trying to force their unwanted, atavistic beliefs onto reluctant people.

  9. I have never tried to lure a christian from his or her beliefs.
    I will explain to them why I believe the way I do if they’re genuinely interested in knowing.
    Your generalization is a true portrayal of your ignorance about atheism, and your tone shows that you are not genuinely interested in understanding it…

  10. Why do Christians try to convince atheists that they’re story is true and the atheists to convert the Christians?
    BTW, I really don’t care if YOU become an atheist or not… the amazing thing is you can’t make the same statement… who is more tolerant? I’ve never tried to convert anyone to anything…
    Oh, and Christians believe something from nothing, science never said that, Christians did…

  11. I suspect that a big part of the reason is that whether it is a conscious recognition or a subconscious one, the fact is that if we all find a commonality then world peace is more achievable.
    I have an edit to offer but I am going to have to do some searching for the exact quote. Yahoo for some time made it impossible for some of us to edit our answers after they were submitted but it seems that has now been remedied. I hope that later I will be able to offer an edit, but I wanted to get this in now.
    Oh, I ask few questions. Care to consider this one for me?

  12. *Yawn*
    Something from nothing is a religious concept, not a scientific one.
    Having a basic education in something before you question it helps – just a hint.

  13. us christians just want others to feel the happiness and joy we feel.. the blessings and aaaaaaaaaaall the love that Jesus Christ is giving us.. the reason her died in the cross for us.we just want other to be saved from the lake of fire….. it is are duty here in earth to save those that are lost… atheists are just blinded by the claws of the devil… trying to cover there ears.. but God is still there waiting with arms wide opened for there sons and daughters to come to him… the bible was inspired by the holy spirit and choosened by God to write it… death is just the beginning of an awakened to be in heaven for eternity just worshiping God… for all the good things hes done for us ….. but all i pray for is salvation in this world.. may God opened peoples mind, hearts and eyes …. hopefully i helped in something… but the bible has AAAAAAAAAll the answers that any one seeks… its there just open it believe have faith and it will be giving … the blessing of knowledge.


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