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Why do atheists believe that our existence is a mere accident?

Who gave them self-consciousness and a brain to make such a preposterous claim? Was that accidental too?


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    Open a science book you ignoramus.
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  2. because all the evidence points to that direction. why do christians believe that we were created by some invisible man in the skies?
    study cosmic evolution and show me where the christian god fits in.
    science proves the bible to be nothing but a book of myths.

  3. I don’t know how we got here, I hope by the time I die we have a better understanding, but I doubt it.
    I just don’t believe it all happened by a “magic man”, or anything godly, it doesn’t make sense to me.

  4. why not. The default position is that there is no supernatural, only natural law (see Occam’s razor). Show unambiguous evidence for the supernatural and we will be in business.

  5. Why do self-consciousness and the brain need to be “given” by anyone?
    Considering biologists have done a really good job figuring out how this stuff works, the chances are that, yes, it was “accidental”. Or “coincidental” or whatever word you choose to use.
    Just because we’re here doesn’t mean we’re here with a purpose.

  6. No one “gave” us our consciousness. Consciousness evolved because its helpful in our survival. The reason we believe this is based on evidence rather than a ridiculous book full of lies and horrible acts of violence.
    EDIT – Also the fact is that if we are designed, we are very badly designed, which makes God stupid.

  7. poor ignorant one…..you do not understand the mechanics of the human brain….pity.
    the better question is why can’t Christians accept that our existence is just accident?
    seeing, from a logical stance, that the universe was here billions of years prior to your religion, it would stand to reason that one would look to the beginning, and not some man’s idea of the end.

  8. 1) Evolution is not an accident, nor is it random.
    2) Brains quite obviously evolved over millions of years. No one gave it to us.
    3) Your alternative, ‘Goddidit’, doesn’t explain how it happened, and more importantly, raises an even tougher question, how did god come to be? (If you say god always was, then it is easier to say the universe always was – we have direct evidence of the universe, but none of god).

  9. Why do theists believe there is a magician man in the sky? why do they make such preposterous claims?!
    P.S- Please take a course in science

  10. I don’t believe our existence is an accident. I believe it is the result of billions of years of evolution driven by environmental pressures. That’s not the same thing.

  11. thank you for your post thanks thanx,yeah your right,if i say that my mobile is created by chance,would you believeee???????you should be kinda retarted to believe that my pants or phone is an accident,so lets consider that how your body,your heart,your LIMITLESS brain,you hormones,your feelings,your laughings ,your cryings,and thousands of other organs in your body are created?accident?!!i dont think so,denial of god refers to irresponsibility of a person to his actions,everything has a purpose,even my phone,you are a purpose,i am a purpose,so lets not break our chances,
    some of the answerrs say :”we dont accept the invisible man”!,so why wouldnt you deny the existence of the air as well?its invisible!,
    dont worry,there is god,and we shall wait ,we all will be fine,when i have no where to go,even when i did the bad jobs,he is the first one opening his arms,you never see coldness or heat ,you feel them,you cant ignore the god because you cant see him,we are very limited

  12. It’s not an accident; the fact that we are apes with a developed brain is explained very well by evolution.
    Your argument (that it cannot be an accident) is a straw man that makes us look like simpletons when we are not. Please refrain from this idiotic logical fallacy.

  13. Consider all the possible outcomes of the events leading to your existence. If one of your ancestors had not met another, or if one had had an accident before reproducing, or just decided that they did not want children, you might not have existed. In fact, the odds against you existing were millions to one, but you do.
    Similarly, the odds against humans existing as we do were millions to one, but we do. Anywhere during the evolutionary process something may have occurred to change what we now are and we may still have been asking the same question

  14. how can you believe we were just plopped here by some magic man and born from 2 people, Adam and Eve.
    is it hard for you to think it happened another way?
    Our intelligence and consciousness evolved through trial and error. the error being the extinction of our ancestors/relatives, neanderthals, etc.. don’t demean human survival and adaptation by saying everything was just given to us…

  15. You obviously cannot grasp this argument.
    We do not exist by accident, we exist by chance. The great vast universe is not here because of us, we exist in spite of it.

  16. If you ask a typical athiest that question tho they will just change the subject by saying some bull like ‘ oh sorry that I dont beleive in stuff without evidence’ or something like that that never really answers the question. They will also get very offensive and rude. See most athiest think that there the dogs bollocks but inreallity there just narrow minded arogant people, I’ll probably get alot of replies about this comment saying something like ‘what so you beleive that the world was created in 7 days’ or some other rtarded comment that will be offensive but oh well ive said it now ;p!!!

  17. They want us to diss them. It keeps them spiritually dead. Thats what they are.. Spiritually asleep. Be gentle and compassionate with them. Dont play their game. God is love. They believe in and fall in love, but still dont understand God. Let them grow..

  18. Everything has to have a cause, so what caused the universe? Most believers in God answer that God is the cause. Then what caused God, since everything has to have a cause? You cannot say that God does not have to have a cause and maintain the first principle of the argument that everything has to have a cause. If you throw out this premise, then there is no argument. God I love logic!
    Furthermore, if you say God doesn’t have to have a cause, then I get to say the universe doesn’t have to have a cause either. The argument is viciously circular. God caused God caused God….
    Therefore I don’t know for certain what caused the universe, nor do I care, as my concern is with my life in this world. I have no concern for what happens after that.

    • sorry who affirms that everything has to have a cause. and why can’t it be said as a fact that everything but God has a cause? I mean you came up with that statement ‘Everything has to have a cause’, I havent seen it anywhere else in this thread? so in essence you were arguing with yourself, then why won’t your logic work in your favour.
      I’m not here to tell you that The Almighty definitely does not have a cause, because i am not yet at that level of spirituality that I’d like to be in order to make seemingly bold claims like that to non believer. rather i’d like to urge yourself and others to keep an open mind, thats the least that’s expected of you. don’t dismiss things because they don’t seem tangible to you.
      this might start a whole other row, but ghosts have been known to many to be real, and they are not tangible they cant be seen. now I don’t expect someone like you to believe in ghosts, but i just thought i might add that for the people who might. cheers

  19. Most of us absolutely don’t believe the existence of consciousness was an “accident.” Evolution is an incredibly slow process, with it’s good qualities cherry-picked generation after generation, and it’s good qualities created with the bad qualities by random mutation. imagine 10 baby mice, one of which is (by an “accidental” genetic mutation) physically stronger than the rest. This mouse can collect more food, run faster, avoid being stomped on, and ultimately have more kids than the rest. so in the next generation, there will be more mice with the mighty mouse mutation. this is not by accident. read a biology textbook for more answers, if you have true faith then you can read the whole thing without evil thoughts popping into your head. if you really trust god as a salesman, than all this science bs won’t hold a candle to god’s version. just try it, if you don’t it means that you doubt god’s ability to keep you convinced of a certain idea. calling God a bad author is a sin! get to the bookstore.

  20. I’m an atheist and don’t think existence is an accident.
    Just because something is complex doesn’t mean a “who” is behind it.

  21. Skipped all your science classes, didn’t you?
    Yes, our existence is an accident in the sense that it certainly wasn’t planned by anyone or anything that we can currently prove. Our existence isn’t an accident in the sense that specific requirements had to be met for us to evolve and survive on this planet.

  22. Feel better?
    This atheist certainly doesn’t allow himself to “believe” any such thing. Objective reality actually is deterministic, except at the quantum level.
    There are facts I know and facts I do not know, but I never ever allow myself to pretend I know something when I actually don’t. Belief in anything is an irresponsible logical fallacy and a betrayal of human sentience.

  23. Nothing is accidental nor do I believe there is a such thing as an atheist.
    For the word of God says in Romans 1: 20-22 and I quote:
    “For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power, and Godhead, so that they are without excuse, because, although they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God, nor were thankful, but became futile in their thoughts, and their foolish hearts were darkened. Professing to be wise, they became fools……”
    Now just to make a summary of what was just said. ‘although they knew God’… this does not mean that they knew God in a personal, saving way, it means that everyone who is born know distinctly that God is the Creator of everything that we see everyday whether it be a car, house, tree or animal, God created it all and that particular object is a witness of God’s creation.

  24. Nothing mere about it.
    We can observe babies being born.
    We can observe the stars forming.
    We can observe evolution taking place.
    We can observe replicating chemical chains forming from non-replicating chains.
    We can observe the rains falling.
    We can observe people dying.
    We can observe that the ‘self’ can change or die based on chemical changes or damages to the brain.
    We can find the answers to many of life’s mysteries.
    We cannot observe the existence of any gods.
    We cannot observe prayers being answered beyond the limits of chance.
    We cannot observe the fulfillment of oh so many prophecies of the second coming.
    We cannot observe the windows of heaven.
    We cannot observe the firmament.
    We cannot observe Christians cursing fig trees or moving mountains.
    It is not just preposterous but perverse to reject the natural world before us for a supernatural world for which the only evidence is our hopes and feelings.

  25. simply because according to evolutionary principles, we didn’t have to be here…but we are. hence…accident of random mutation.

  26. Why do christians resort to such silly and false claims?
    Atheists say nothing of the sort.
    Do you not understand that it is scientists that are concerned with the big bang and evolution?!!
    What do you not understand about the fact that the main christian churches that say people who do not beleive in evolution are screwed thinkers?!!
    The Pope, Catholic Church, Church of England and mainstream churches all accept evolution and the big bang!!
    Lord Carey the former Archbishop of Canterbury put it rather well — “Creationism is the fruit of a fundamentalist approach to scripture, ignoring scholarship and critical learning, and confusing different understandings of truth”!!
    Nice that christians and atheists can agree and laugh together even if it is at your expense!!
    Careful as you go now – we do not want you falling off the edge of your flat Earth!!


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