Home Discussion Forum Why do atheist like to focus all their negative energy on christianity?

Why do atheist like to focus all their negative energy on christianity?

It seem like they dont attack anyone else


  1. If they were against all religions, they wouldn’t be so bigoted against their preferred target, would they?
    This is how you define prejudice. You target one specific group, and you harbor personal negativity against them. The only other thing you really commonly see in all racists and bigots is that they eventually prop up their hatred with intentionally falsified claims.

  2. hey… i also insult Islam, Judaism, pastafarianism, zoroastrianism, Greek mythology followers, the invicible pink unicorn and what not.
    needless to say the believers in the tooth fairy also.

  3. It’s where most of my negative energy came from.
    It is also about the only religion I have negative experiences with in person on a regular basis in my daily life.
    Had I been sent to an Islamic parochial school instead of a Protestant one, and if I lived somewhere like Iran, I’m sure I’d focus on Islam more.

  4. Well, because the Buddhists don’t bother us. And because if there were more Muslims or Hindus, etc. on YA we’d attack them too.

  5. And you don’t seem to care about anyone else’s opinions. This question comes up daily. Yes, a Christian asking why atheists always attack them.
    Heads-up: you’re the majority, and we’re the least trusted minority in America. 48% of people wouldn’t vote for an atheist president.
    If you were secure in your belief, you wouldn’t mind our opinions.

  6. Atheists attack people on here because they can’t do it toward the source that is front of them. Atheists take their frustration out on Christians because they are dealing with Christians in their lives who they know if they attack in person, something probably will happen to them, so they come on line and take it out on people who won’t or can’t do anything to them.

  7. I don’t see any other groups that attack atheism except Abrahamic ones and fundy agnostics, they can all expect to hear from me.
    It is very hypocritical of you to attack atheism, while, ignoring the attacks of your fellow Christians. Pathetic in fact, are you blind and deaf or something?

  8. Atheists value truth. By and large, Christian doctrine and beliefs are not true. The atheist feels morally compelled to expose the falsehoods of Christian beliefs. I do not see this as a negative endeavor at all.

  9. Because the Christians like to tell us that we’re wrong, ignoring the fact, that their religion is typically backed up by a book, for it is the “word” of “God.”
    And Christians attack us equally as much, if not more. I’ve never walked around a town telling people that unless they believe they are going to die (and that has happened in my town).
    So don’t say that Christians don’t attack other religions, because they do.

  10. Why does Christianity always try to assert their alleged authority over the whole of the Earth and its inhabitants?
    And you wonder why Atheists have a problem with the religious.
    Keep thine religion to thy self.
    Fair enough?

  11. Because many of them live in the USA where fundamentalism has infected our country with hate and stupidity.
    “God is real ur going to hell for not believing in him just hope u soul can be saved hahahah” – an ignorant fundie spreading that good ole ‘Christian love’.
    “hell no. you’re going straight to hell. be proud of that” – fundie
    “what would you do if you found yourself burning for eternity in a pit of fire and then realize god does exist, only it will be to late to save yourself… would you regret not saving yourself sooner?” – fundie
    “When the ‘rapture’ happens, y’all will be talking about this same subject while you’re being burned and beaten by Satan for eternity while Christians will be having the time of the rest of their lives in Heaven. I guess that’s what you hoped for.” – fundie
    “Atheists invented faith in “no god” because they love their sin. Amost all people who have ever lived have had the sense to know that God exists. Atheists have the deviant faith.” – hate filled ignorant fundie
    “I think they are ignorant misguided wretched people. I don’t hate them at all but feel sorry for the fact they are blind and without hope. I feel sorry for them that they are on their way to hell if they don’t change.” – dumb fundie
    “You think they are poking fun, but really they are afraid. The atheist you see on Religion and Spirituallity are the fake Atheist that are afraid of there actually being a God. The real Atheist are else where because they don’t have time for this.” – fundie
    “r u guys planning on burning in hell for eternity cuz thats wuts gonna
    happen.” – fundie
    “atheist are sad and bitter people, most of them have problems from childhood, like abuse or neglect. just love them and pray that they will turn loose of the hate before it’s too late.” -fundie
    “In answer to your question, atheists simply do not WANT to believe in God. They do not want to be held morally accountable to a higher Authority. Jesus said it like this, He said that people refuse to come to Him “because their deeds are evil!” – hate filled ignorant fundie
    “It means the{ATHEISTS} believe and worship Satan. They don’t believe in God or Jesus, or even Heaven. Agnostic don’t believe in anything. They don’t know what they believe in” – fundie
    “Atheists invented faith in “no god” because they love their sin. Amost all people who have ever lived have had the sense to know that God exists. Atheists have the deviant faith.” – Ignorant hate filled fundie
    “The constant suppression of their innate desire to worship God gives birth to the frustration that fuels their hatred for believers.” – really deluded ignorant fundie responding to why atheists don’t respect ignorant fundies.
    “The question is do you support what they do or do you just stand up for them. If you support what they do, God’s punishment for them will be your punishment also. Not my words but His.” – ignorant fundie responding to straights mistaken for gay.
    “”Yes i agree in the Bible it says homosexuality is evil, yet they think its ok and continue to call themselves Christian, its blasphemey I cant believe all you people who are siding with homosexuals, thats why our country of America is falling apart, becasue people are falling away from Christ. God hates gays, and lesbians, he states so in the Bible. Its you people who say ” oh its okay if their gay, i dont mind. “oh that nice little pregnant girl can murder her baby, it doesnt affect me.” You weak-minded people who call yourselves Americans make me ashamed of my own country. What happened to the morals our country was founded on? The morals and beliefs of Christianity?! You people are abandoning them, committing sins outright and saying its your free choice. Well its also your free choice to go to Hell. So have fun =]” – hate filled fundie bigot
    “Because atheists like to lie about the Bible and Christians in order to try to advance the atheist religion.” – hate filled fundie
    “Sin is sin. Is being bigoted and racist and hateful worse than being homosexual? I dont think so.” – hate filled fundie {YES, BIGOTS ARE FAR WORSE!!}
    “Do Atheists relish the thought that freedom from God gives them freedom to sin ?Could it be that all Atheists really want is the freedom to Sin without having to be reminded that God will judge severely for unrepentant acts?Could it be that Atheists do not want to be held accountable for their sins? Therefore they deny the existence of God” – more ignorant fundie hate
    “It’s easier to be an atheist, you use it to hide from the coming judgment.” – deluded fundie living in fear
    “For all you people who say it is plate tectonics, who do you think controls them,duh!!!! I agree with the asker and think that California is first in line for a one way ticket to hell!!” – ignorant fundie who claims California will have an earthquake because of gay marriage.

  12. Because Christians squirm under pressure when they are asked a question about their beliefs, whereas others don’t even get into arguments with us.

  13. I don’t focus negativity on any one group or thing in particular. I try to be accepting of people of all creeds. So stop generalizing, won’t you?

  14. I don’t.
    1) Demonstrate that I even possess such a thing as “negative energy”, list its properties.
    2) Demonstrate that negative energy can be “focused”
    3) Demonstrate that it can be focused on a religion.
    4) Demonstrate that *all* of it can be focused on christianity.
    5) Demonstrate that I do that.
    6) Demonstrate that I *like* to do it.
    I doubt you’ll make it past (1).

  15. Explaining why atheists don’t believe in supernatural beings, and why some beliefs are actually harmful (for example that homosexuality is sinful; this belief leads to persecution, sometimes subtly, other times blatantly), isn’t negative or an attack. It’s positive and helpful.
    Christianity – in many forms – is represented on this forum more than any other religion, and worldwide represents – at least nominally – a third of the world’s population. So most of the discussion will naturally relate to Christianity; but other religions are also discussed, and have many similar or identical beliefs to Christianity, especially Judaism and Islam.

  16. Why do christians like to believe atheists focus all their negative energy on christianity?
    I like to focus all my negative energy (whatever that is- is it the same as logic and education?) on all theist cults. It’s just that this seems to be a forum dominated by theists of the christian persuasion so they will inevitably generate more atheist flack.

  17. Perhaps you see yourself as being a target, so you are not really an unbiased observer. I’m not focusing any negative energy on you, just trying to understand your point of view.

    John Popelish

  18. you are right and then they scream that they have morals. Anyways morals come from a 2,000 year old book which atheists don’t adhere to as they think it is written by “goat herders” and that it is just a fairy tale.

  19. Hurray you can see the the rest of the worls lives in harmony!! EXCEPT FOR THE CHRITIANS!!!!!!
    Ask yourself why it is only Christians that get attacked and not the other religions?!!!!
    Do you not recognise that Christians are provoking retaliation and repudiation for their terrible attitudes?!!
    Perhaps if Christians stopped their intolerant, egotistical, hate filled and bigoted postings things might change!!
    Perhaps if Christians stopped eschewing education, science, evolution works of fiction and much, much more things might change!!
    Perhaps if Christians stopped being the only religion opposing human rights and persecuting gays, pro choice and so much more things might change!!
    Perhaps if Christians stopped demanding freedom of religion whilst they deny it to all non Christians and persecute them things might change!! !!!
    If Christians rediscovered the god of love and forgiveness and put aside all those terrible human emotions things would definitely change!!!!
    Why are Christians so afraid of people who simply do not believe in any god?!!!! Surely it can only be because they are so afraid that atheist are right and they are wrong or it would not bother them!!!!!!
    So please understand it is not about belief, God or Jesus but about the terribly BAD christian attitudes and conduct!!
    As soon as Christians rediscover the loving god and start acting like it the problem will cease!!!!
    you are new here so before you become a really good recruiter for athesim consider: –
    Do your question draw people to christianity? HARDLY
    Do they offend and drive them further away? HIGHLY LIKELY!!
    God’s work? HARDLY
    Seems you may be in trouble at the final judgment then!!


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