Why didnt the crystal ball drop down in new york this year? Or did it? becuase i didnt see it on tv.?

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Yes It did,but I think its been about 2 years in a row that they wait for pacific time to be 12’o clock.basically what they are waiting is to be new years in all the USA.


It did drop…watched it at a friends New Year’s Eve party. It was on WABC – channel 7 (with Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest)
And no it doesn’t wait until Pacific time…That would be ridiculous that people in NY would need to wait out in the cold until 3AM to watch the ball drop!
According to Wikipedia – “The special is live in the Eastern Standard Time zone, and it is delayed for the other time zones so that they can ring in the new year with Clark when midnight strikes in their area.”


were you sleeping off the alcohol or something? the ball did drop in nYc, it has been dropping for the last 100 years

Tony S

The ball dropped.
If you want to witness this live and are NOT in New York City, go to CNN or Fox News Channel about 5 minutes before…
9PM (Pacific), 10PM (Mountain), 11PM (Central),


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