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why didn't my hair change colors when i colored it with amethyst. my natural color is black, is it too dark?

yesterday i tried coloring my hair amethyst, which is a mixture of dark red/violet, and i followed all the instructions, but my hair didnt change colors. maybe its b/c my natural hair color is black, and it was too dark for the color to show but im not sure.


  1. It might be so…but my mom once colored her hair, which is naturally black, like that and it worked. Everyone’s hair is different though….so it might respond differently.

  2. It probably did color your hair, go into bright light or the sun. You will only notice in bright light when your coloring a dark color onto dark hair.

  3. if your natural color is black, it probably wouldn’t work. if you’re under a bright light, you would probably see a little amythest then, but not all the time. you would have to get your hair lighter or bleached for the color to actually show. the same thing happened to me.

  4. you should really notice the color in the sun light black hair is very hard to change color wise, but most people do notice a change out in the sun. What ever you do DO NOT BLEACH IT FIRST, you will have disasterous results (yellow, orange, green )depending on how dark your hair is. consult a stylist first before you bleach

  5. what brand of color was it ? special effects ,raw, manic panic ? being that your hair is black you need to lighten it first if you really want to see the color or you need to leave it on longer


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