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Why didn't Confucianism, Taoism, and legalism never really focus on the after life?

…and what would be a good introduction sentence of an essay comparing those three religions?
and conclusion sent.?


  1. The grammar errors in your question make it unclear what you are asking, so I can’t answer you. Best of luck.

  2. …Im not exactly sure what you’re looking for but Taoism believed death is just another change in cycle and will return to an undistinguishable mass

  3. It is easy to tell people how to act in life as we all have experience with living. But I do not know many people who have died and come back to tell us what we should do when we are dead and in the afterlife. Any religion that says it knows what happens to your soul after you die are making up crap and are lying. There is no proof that Jesus or anyone else ever died and came back to life.
    All three of these choices do have one thing in common, they have the same basic “golden rule” that says to treat others as you want to be treated. But all religions have this same “golden rule” so I do not know if that counts.

  4. they would have convert to christian,..how about: these three religions will prevent one from attaining eternal life with the god of abraham, isaac and jacob through the messiah yeshua,..
    i e a e,..
    avatar of the unification,..


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