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why did this all happen to my face&body.. i'm only 18… is this karma?

I used to be pretty, and way more guys used to hit on me. I used to be a very vein girl. I was so vein because so many guys liked me, and I used to think that that was all I was good for- after all, I didn’t have any friends… growing up, i was extremely quiet and nervous and had horrible anxiety… anf men were the only thing that ever made me feel better about myself- so there, I became extremely vein, to make a long sort short. Anyway, a couple of things have happened to my body in the past year or two. I had been on klonopin (an anti-anxiety pill) since I was 15, and during the time, it made my breasts huge. After I came off klonopin, my breasts started to get smaller…and they actually look a bit saggier than before I was on the klonopin… (i guess maybe because of extra skin from so much growth? idk) So now my breasts are smaller and a little saggy.. the same thing happened to my butt, so now it is smaller and not as perky as was before. Also, I used to have muscle in my arms, which somehow “melted” so now, i have saggy gramma looking arms… more extra skin there from the muscle melting… also my skin which used to be clear gained a whopping amount of acne, and to top it off, I HAVE A HUGE NOTIEABLE ACNE SCAR on my cheek! okay; last but not least: I have always had thick arched eyebrows (like kim kardashians type) and the one and only time I decided to pluck them, I was experimenting and made them thin, which looked HORRIBLE on me, and they NEVER grew back!!!! ITS BEEN TWO YEARS!!!! SO- what do you think people- Is this punishment for commiting the sin of vanity??!!! I’m so depressed… =(


  1. its ok gurll. and i understand the whole anxiety thing… last summer it was like that cause i stayed in the house all summer and missed people my age 🙁 But im better now. Good luck. I cud be payback, but most likely its just wat u said…ur off the pill. But u can work out and make it better. and if that guy thing worked… xDDD

  2. NO it is not karma. You just need to get yourself in the gym and work your body out. Your body is just simply out of tone, which can happen when you have a long time without working out, or you are eating alot of junk food.
    The acne: try drinking 8 glasses of water a day and use proactive to get your face clear again. It could all be that you are eating or drinking way too much soda or chocolate.
    Your eyebrows: Even if you plucked them out.. there is still a way to make them more noticable by lining your eyebrow with a brown pencil.
    You can go to drug stores like CVS they sell those things in kits just for eyebrows.
    Anyways… its not about karma… you just need to get yourself together, work out more, and just make better decisions in what you drink and eat. The change in your body could be hormonal, but you can still get it back up.

  3. btw it’s vain 😉
    Your body has grown a lot since you were 15, you are now 18 and you are at adulthood. Fat is depositing in places and if you aren’t exercising as much you will loose muscle tone.
    Acne – hormones again, you will always get acne, at differing levels throughout your life. The acne scar probably isn’t noticable it will be you fixating on it (we all do that!)
    eyebrows – they will grown back, unless you plucked and plucked them. Go see your doctor.

  4. Looks aren’t everything but im the one to talk. You’ll learn to live your life without looks. Maybe if you want to feel better go out and look at people that are really ugly and fat. It makes you feel better. as long as you don’t say anything to them. your not hurting anyone.

  5. first off, it’s vain not vein…veins are in your body.
    second, it could be karma…i think so cause you really shouldn’t be vain.
    third, some of that stuff can be fixed…WORKOUT to tone what you don’t have.
    fourth, ask about the eyebrow thing…of fill in your eyebrows w/a pencil or ask a dematologist about your skin or something
    and lastly…if guys liked/hovered around just for your butt and breasts..then they’re not for you cause they don’t like YOU, just the things they can tap.
    don’t rely on guys to make you happy, focus on yourself and the rest will come..maybe even a guy that likes YOU too!

  6. Almost sounds like it but these are things that fortunately can be fixed. You can always get permanent tattooed eyebrows, work out to get your body back, and use mederma for the acne scar. At least you’re not forty or fifty. It only gets worse as you age.


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