Why did they say the human soul lives in the pineal gland?





Who said that the pineal gland is the seat of the human soul? Why and on what basis was this said?


  1. because it has all the componets of making DMT,dimethyltryptamine…the most powerful psychedelic drug,stronger than LSD,Shrooms,Salvia,etc. in terms of effects.DMT is what makes your dreams so tripped out and confusing.You can extract DMT from plants and snort it,which the effects kick in in less than 5 minutes.The only way to describe the trip is like this…
    “imagine hearing a shotgun going off in your head and being shot out of a cannon into space at speeds unimaginable in your soul seeing your body left behind and seeing massive entities and planets and universes and an oceanic feeling of just being the universe while seeing visuals sooo strong that you are left speechless,you are everything that ever was and ever will be”.emotions that are indescribable to anyone who hasnt done DMT,DMT is also released when someone has a near death experience thats why people claim to see GOD and the light and the accident from a different angle while seeing their human bodies still there while they are somewhere else..thats where they get the soul thing from…although other drugs like DXM,LSD,Mescaline and shrooms give the same out of body experiences…and thats why people say that ur soul is in the Pineal Gland cus thats where u hear the POP and u leave ur body..to me the pop always felt like the soul rippin from my body…DMT is super intense.one thing to remember is that NOTHING IN THIS WORLD CAN PREPARE YOU FOR A DMT EXPERIENCE…its life changing…

  2. Descartes is the one who came up with that.
    I don’t really know why he thought that. I’m guessing it was due to a lack of understanding of what the pineal gland is, but I think it also had to do with the fact that other animals have pineal glands too.

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