Home Discussion Forum why did the Lebanese society ban Satanism and Wicca ?

why did the Lebanese society ban Satanism and Wicca ?

They always judge a book by it’s cover , Wicca is a very peaceful religion if you do a research on it .
I do disagree with Satanism but I also believe that people are free to believe what they want . everybody regardless for there religion deserve the same rights . we’re all equal beings .
Why does the Lebanese society ban Satanism and Wicca ?
this is why I dislike Lebanon , the society is completely uneducated like there government .
Satanism isn’t “Evil ” , Evil and Good are Human Construct , you can be a good Satanist and an evil Christian .


  1. Well if you think about it, satanism is (and I’m guessing) worshipping satan, now who in his right mind would want to do that.
    As for Wicca…I just looked it up…it’s a belief system built on pre-christian traditions, so if you or anyone else found faith in that then good for you, but you should respect people who believe in other religions in order to gain their respect too. Other religions (Christianism, Islam, Buddhism…) are very clear in what they expect of their followers and what commandents to follow but WICCA is a little unknown to the population of ordinary people. But as I was reading I noticed they spoke about spells for love and healing etc… I think a few people in the middleeast (especially Lebanon and Syria) practice these kinds of spells so maybe they belong to WICCA as well…but I’m not sure

  2. in leb they are banned but if they are avialble they can practise secretly
    by the way we have 18 religion and we are enough with those 18
    so have aditional religion , OMG it is tuff having 2 aditionnal parties fighting for political issues

  3. who wouldnt ??????? Satanism ??? are you kidding me?.. i would f-ckin move far away if i knew people were practicing the religion of SATAN! Call me biased but i dont want that stuff anywhere near me!!! Good thing in Lebanon its banned, in Greece its not, but i hardly doubt anyone would have the guts to practice that Satan religion openly into the strict Greek Orthodox society. My dad’s best friend in the old days used to practice that, he used to worship the Devil, the teacher found out and had the local headpriest “exorcise” him..sooner or later the whole island found out and everyone used to call him ‘John the Devil boy’ lol.. sounds harsh, but thats how it should be!!! Anyone who follows Satan goes to Hell !

  4. the wiccan religion is one of the most peaceful and beautiful religions of this world and who ever doesn’t know about it cant talk about it . its all about ur spirituality and ur connection with it and the 4 elements. i am lebanese and i am a wicca we do exist in lebanon but as individuals and not as a group of people.

  5. Hey GREEK BARBIE, you should know some things. Satanism isn’t very well known to ordinary people, and its almost always misunderstood. It is not worship of Satan persay, it is a religion strictly against oppression. The word “god” means oppressor. I find it funny how most people will completely disregard the idea without even looking at it like you would a bible or koran. People have no right to ban what is merely exploring the capability of human emotions. Just like the Buddha lived his life trying to experience all sides of the spectrum, good, bad, you name it. Only by seeing both the bad side of things and the good side of things was he able to reach the middle way, balance, and enlightenment.

  6. Well it ‘s not banned as long as it don’t come along with illegal acts such as drugs ,blasphemie … The freedome of religions is a guaranteed right in the lebanese laws …that’s why we have 18 cults in Lebanon. You should do an little research about the Lebanese laws before you write this article you indian or hoever wrote this thing

  7. Most of you disgust me with your insolence and illiteracy upon the matter of Satanism.
    Satanism (as founded by Anthon De Lavey) is NOT about drinking blood or presenting human sacrifices. If anything, satanists are the least hypocritical in society. Satanism merely presses on the factoid that man is a carnal being, with desires and lusts. That is closer to the truth than any Abrahamic religion had previously pressed on.
    Men should be free to practice and believe whatever they want, yet the fact of the matter is, the Lebanese government and society are too pompous and illiterate to know any better.
    @GREEK BARBiiE, you seem to be touching on the matter of devil worship and not Satanism. Get your facts straight.


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