Why did someone not tell me about kundalini awakenings via psilocybin mushrooms?

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I went to many so called “churches” and never found “God”. On 07/04/08 I ate 4.2 grams of dried psilocybin mushrooms and found God within myself. I believe “Jesus” is a person with a “fully” awakened kundalini, and a complete conscious connection.

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Ironic Hamster

I think Timothy Leary wrote a book on it.


I wonder who created the shrooms and the field and the continent and the world and the sun it revolves around and the universe.
If I get your drift you think you made it all since you are a God now that you ate some drugs.


Taking mushrooms did not make them a god just help them realize that we are all manifestations of what we might call god.

Paradise Regained

We share the feeling about Jesus..

Lash LaRue

yep..keep going…if you say you saw God..that is good..but i promise you wont see anything neer heaven when your drugs wear off or you die..


What??? you didn’t get the memo? I thought everyone got the memo!
Mmmm….better make sure your name is in the Book of Life.


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