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Why did some witches discredit Aleister Crowley of the title 'Witch'…?

I mean modern Wtchcraft is based alsmost entirely on his teachings of magick (he even invented the word magick with a ‘k’) Wiccan’s really just took his ‘law’ and added to it.
“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law
Love is the Law, Love under will”
‘If it harms none, do what though will’
Do what though will if it harms none etc.
Is Aleister Crowley like the father of modern Wtchcraft?


  1. No — I’d say that his theories and practices had some influence, but you’ll find deeper roots for modern Wicca in the practices of the Freemasons and the Romantic era’s reinterpretation of Classical religious influences.
    The exact degree of contact that Gerald Gardner had with ol’ Aleister is still the subject of hot debate. I suggest you read “Triumph of the Moon” to get something close to the full story.

  2. Yes, the old Crow is the father of modern witchcraft. Wicca is too limiting…it’s more of an organized religion then your own TRUE spiritual path. I suggest you read up on as much as you can on Magick all together and cram it all together to make your own philosophy. Magick is the attaining of your True Will and to find that one must carve their own path, not follow Sabats.
    And no I would never call upon the “great” Goddess unless there was some divine you-know-what. There are better Gods to invoke
    PS: the Book of Lies was meant to be a joke. Uncle Al encountered Choronzon at the Abyss and his persona was splintered that is why we have Crowley the Mage, the Trickster and the Total Asshole.

  3. Not all witches are influenced by Crowley or Gardner. So he may be the “Father of modern witchcraft” but some of us practice “The Old Religion” which pre-dates Crowley and Gardner, even pre-dates Jesus. Just as the Christians took pagan rituals and modified them to suit them, so Crowley & Gardner have done with true witchcraft.


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