Why did Socrates not like poets?

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What was it the poets created and Socrates did not like, according to Plato?

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I have no idea what you are talking about.

Jeffrey E

A critical thinker likes to have things defined. Socrates was a critical thinker. He found comfort in definitions, names, calsses etc. They can be argued or discussed on a level playing field. Poetry on the other hand is abstract. it can be approached from varying viewpoints and does not lend itself to a single answer. Poems are the window of the soul. Socrates prefered to see the soul as defined by others.

Henry R

I think this is from the Republic? Poets are all about rhetoric, convincing people with elequant words, a form of deception. In Socrates ideal state, truth would replace rhetoric, and so there would be no room for poets.


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