Why did people continue to believe in witchcraft?

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After the Salem Witch Trials, why did people continue to believe in Witchcraft?

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Sly Kittehâ„¢: Back from the dead

You do realize that the Salem witch trials ended up killing Quakers and innocents, because no one knew who was really a “witch” and the whole thing was driven by ignorant fear, don’t you?


Is called “Freedom of Choice”, you can believe in whatever you want.


Witchcraft in what sense? The idea that some people, mostly women, could ‘bewitch’ other people through black magic and spells? Or the true Witchcraft which is the use of spells by people practicing their spiritual beliefs whose purpose is the better the world around them or to help people in trouble.
Just because the Salem Witch Trials finally ended did nothing to stop the ignorant from believing that some people had ‘traffic with the devil’. It is a misconception that occurs even today. Many people equate witches with devil worshipers even though true witches don’t even believe in the concept of the Christian devil.

tomato soup

Because Wicca is a real religion, it’s practitioners often refer to themselves as “witches” and their religion as “witchcraft”.


Because working with herbs and energies work!

Lala♫ ♥нєяѕнєу

Some people argued because in Medieval Times, people accused each other of being a witch because of stuff like a disaster, stillbirth which is being dead right after u are born or jealousy. Some people just wanted othersto die so theey convinced others.

lost now found

Because there are practicing Witches. One of my good friends is Pagan/Wicca.


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