Why did people call a Shaman a "Holy Man"? and why was this man more powerful than a chief?

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Jesus was a “Holy Man” Was he a Shaman? I Have heard this, must assumed as rumor? HELP Please no Bible, I Read it daily, I’m looking for additional help, and study info

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they want to play God, but he cant. so they called themself an ‘almost like-God’ or shaman. they are doing everything to acomplish their mission: satisfay themself.


A Shaman or Holy Man is like a priest and healer. Natives consider this person to be closer the Creator than others and he was chosen by The Creator for his people and help and heal his people wether it be in sickness or needing to know the paths they should take in life. A chief just handles tribal problems, governmental like a governor or president, so he not as powerful as the Shaman. The Chief is not as close to The Creator as the Shaman.


Actually shaman is more formal a role then Holy Man. John the Baptist is a Holy Man because he spoke God’s word but he had no formal role. Though many wanted him to take one.
As to why a Shaman is more powerful. Well the Chief can kill you and take your stuff. A Shaman can call down the wrath of God and wipe out the whole village in a single flash flood. Who would you defer too? if you had to choose.


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