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why did my principle send me home for wearing a tshirt with a picture of aleister crowley on it?

i’m in an after-school mountain climbing/chess club, and aleister crowley is my favorite mountain climber/chess master. i go to st ignacious middle school in birmingham, alabama, and i wore my aleister crowley tshirt to school because i had a chess match, and it was friday, so we’re allowed to wear a tshirt under our button-up uniform shirt and leave it unbuttoned after 12:00. my school counselor saw me in the hall, and yelled at me to come with her to the office- the principle came in and sent me home for the day and gave me detention for the week. i don’t get it- why did they do this?


  1. Well, I didn’t believe a word of this. I doubt very highly that either of those people know who Crowley was or would recognize a picture of the man if they saw it. You’re just some kid who is trying to show off that they know a teeny tiny bit of late 19th and early 20th century spiritualist/occultist history. Get over yourself, you’re not that special.

  2. y don’t u just ask them….if u thnk they wont asnwer u….hav ur parents call them.
    hope u get outta the detention. good luck!
    my sympathies with u all the way man.


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