Home Discussion Forum Why did my new Tiger Barbs eye turn white? illness? injury?

Why did my new Tiger Barbs eye turn white? illness? injury?

I got 4 Tiger Barbs to put in my new tank Sunday. I was looking at them a few min. ago, and one was swimming funny. I noticed one of his eyes is a little swelled with a white thing on it. My b/f thinks either another fish bit him or he is sick, and for either of the two I need to flush him ASAP so either the other fish don’t pick on him or he doesn’t spread whatever is wrong with him. But I don’t want to if he has a chance at living. What do you think?
**I don’t think it’s ick, I know what that looks like and this isn’t it…but thanks.


  1. sounds like a disease called “Ick” which is a shortened version of a disease I can’t remember the full name of. But, there are treatments for it. You need to separate the sick fish from the others (in a fish bowl or something) and the drops for treating it may cost more than the fish are worth.

  2. This is a result of an injury to the eye. Possibly from being caught with a net at the petstore or injury from a decoration or fish in your tank.
    It is a fungal infection of the lens of tghe eye. If caught early it can be treated. Look for a medication with malachite green. Make sure your water quality is good and begin treatment.
    After 10 days add fresh carbon to absorb the rest of the medicine. Be casreful thsi stuff STAINS everything.
    What he has is NOt infectious, so the other fish will be fine.
    As you know, it is NOT Ick.
    Good luck.

  3. It sounds like he has what is commonly called pop-eye disease
    and this can be treated with some fizzy tabs called fungus clear.This will also prevent/treat the other fish if used properly.Wal Mart I know carries this and it is very inexpensive.


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