Why did my crystal stones hum after lightning strike nearby?

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I’ve been searching around online with no luck, so appealing here to anyone with experience with crystals.
We just had a huge storm blow through and lightning cracked right outside my office window. The air felt charged and my ears rang for a minute or so after. Once everything returned to normal I heard a loud humming. I thought something was wrong with the house so I took the dogs & left til DH came home. He turned off the power & investigated the house and it turned out to be coming from my bag of crystal healing stones. As soon as he touched the bag, the loud humming/vibration stopped. This was happening for at least an hour.
Anyone know why? Should I replace these crystals with a new set or are these maybe better than they were before? I’m still looking for details online but no luck yet!

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You should paint symbols on your floor, choose a god and pray to it, and imagine yourself having powers.

charles w

Yeah, they’ve been blessed by Xenu you lucky duck!! you can now use them to help you cleanse yourself of all those nasty body thetans – tom cruise can show you how!!
grats on your improved stones


Piezoelectricity is the ability of some materials (notably crystals and certain ceramics) to generate an electric potential in response to applied mechanical stress. This may take the form of a separation of electric charge across the crystal lattice. If the material is not short-circuited, the applied charge induces a voltage across the material. The word is derived from the Greek piezein, which means to squeeze or press. The piezoelectric effect is reversible in that materials exhibiting the direct piezoelectric effect (the production of electricity when stress is applied) also exhibit the converse piezoelectric effect (the production of stress and/or strain when an electric field is applied). For example, lead zirconate titanate crystals will exhibit a maximum shape change of about 0.1% of the original dimension. The effect finds useful applications such as the production and detection of sound, generation of high voltages, electronic frequency generation, microbalances, and ultra fine focusing of optical assemblies. It is also the basis of a number of scientific instrumental techniques with atomic resolution, the scanning probe microscopies such as STM, AFM, MTA, SNOM etc.


Sounds like a coincidence. Stones don’t hum for no reason, whether they are crystalline or not. The humming was coming from something else and it happened to turn off when he picked up the bag of stones.


People have said that crystals will sing, vibrate and hum. I have experienced it after washing quartz and putting them in the Sun. It was this high pitched happy noise. The first time it was weird, the second time it was kind of cute and funny because they were singing. You can tell when your stones are really happy because they will do something like that or when you hold them, you will just get a rush of joy and/or laughter.
I think that they just got a huge dose of energy from the electricity. It is an amazing thing but nothing to be afraid of. See how they feel in your hand, they shouldn’t feel ‘icky’ or dirty but if they do, just give them a wash and they’ll be fine. However, since a lightning storm is a part of nature, if anything, it probably made the stones more powerful.


Now, I don’t believe in all the “healing crystal” type stuff. But, if this info is accurate…
“Conversely, applying an electromagnetic field to a crystal will cause it to vibrate, and vibrate at an extraordinarily steady and predictable frequency to boot. That vibration by the way is an expression of mechanical energy.”
“When a crystal is made to vibrate at its natural frequency by the application of a voltage, the system is said to be in resonance. A crystal in resonance will maintain a constant, unfaltering frequency.”
So, if this really did happen (and no offense meant, just that there are plenty of people on this site who make up stuff), an electromagnetic field caused by a very close lightening hit is very possibly to ‘blame’.
After all, quartz have been and are used in clocks, radios, etc.
(Second link) “When coupled with vacuum tubes or transistors, this constant frequency can be changed into a radio signal. Such was the design of the quartz radio, used primarily during World War II. Another common use of quartz is in timekeeping. All clocks rely upon some form of oscillator to keep regular time; for example, mechanical clocks sometimes use a pendulum to regulate the motion of their hands. In a quartz timepiece, a small ring-shaped piece of crystal is made to vibrate at its natural frequency.”


i think you otta do everyone some good and flush the toilet


They didn’t know the words?


Recharging?????????? They sound if they are working for you


How do you think Scanners for the cops work? Its a Chrystel. Lightning is a radio wave..received by Chrystel forms. The Earth is a Chrystel…Do you really understand how Chrystel’s work? Look it up. You’ll discover just how it works by looking into radio waves.


The answer given by Indigo is very close to what I first thought was the reason behind your humming crystals.
My physics teacher a long time ago was discussing resonance. He said that there could one day come a time that for example, when the wind is blowing and it has a certain pitch or frequency, this frequencey will be the same as, let’s say, the Golden Gate Bridge, this will make the bridge start to tremble and shake and could bring itself down.
Now, let’s say your crystals were the same frequency as the lightning (I know I might be out of my depth here as far as physics terminology but…), like a tuning fork, they start to hum, so your Dh picks up the bag and stops the humming, like it would stop a tuning fork if you touched your finger to one that was ringing.
OK, physicists, come at me… My explanation is a bit far-fetched… but just trying to simplify it.

Peter D

A number of different things could be at work here. It’s possible the sound of the lighting strike did cause the crystals to vibrate, but if they’re clumped together in a bag they wouldn’t vibrate very long. I think the most likely explanation involves your belief that a solid mineral dug up from the ground has magical powers.


Yeah…”scy” guy has it.
There are electric fields around constantly anyway, but especially during a storm, there are many various levels of electric field set up. The crystals you have are probably piezoelectric in nature.
These crystals are what computers use to keep time….watches and so on. Many uses for them. The electric field on the crystals cause them to vibrate…..IF the field is also vibrating. If the field is random, then the crystal will also vibrate randomly…..and it’s possible it will shake and hum as you describe.
It’s all dependent on the field, how it’s oriented to the crystal, its intensity, duration and so on. Also depends on the purity of the crystal and what type and geometry it is.


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