Why did God give us a third eye and why does the Illuminati want them?

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Also known as the pineal gland, said to have once been a thrid eye. Some spiritualists say the third eye is responsible for fortune telling and ESP abilities. Christians condemn these activities and evolution is thus causing it to get smaller after each generation.

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Gotta get rid of the waste some how…

Jesus Is My Lord And Savior!

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my third eye was gauged out




I alway thought it was my third testicle?

Gost Remot

I think it is related to 2012 and the mass spiritual awakening. so is the calcification of pineal gland to stop this activity in spiritual awakening . Few super rich people who know some of the true nature do not want every one to be enlightened. they need slaves. so is the fluoride, mercury, vaccines, aspartame.. etc


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